Forbidden Love(11)-A touching story for careless parents to learn from…

 Episode 11


Meanwhile…..back at uncle Sam’s house
Uncle Sam’s conversation with his friend, Tunde on the
“Guy! how far now?” Uncle Sam said.
“I dey oo. How you dey na?” Tunde replied.
“I’m good oo. Na wa see as you forget pesin. You go
abroad, you no con remember your guy”
“Ahn ahn! Sam! Sam! No dey talk like that na. I spoke to
you like a month ago. You know now, with work and all.
I’ve been really busy. But how you dey now? When we go
receive your wedding invitation”
“See my guy!!! Talking as a married man. Na
because say you marry Chioma abi. You’re now giving me
the “get married” talk. Not yet jare.”
“But guy seriously, you’re getting old oo. Your almost thirty
and you’re not even thinking about marriage. Shay you still
dey follow all those your babes.”

“No oo. Those ones are history. You won’t believe what
that Cynthia did to me. She chop my money, con waka.”
“Ehn but na you cos am. Didn’t you tell her you weren’t
serious about marriage yet.”
“Wo! E don do. I didn’t call you to give me all these talks
oo. So how is baby now and your wife?”
“They are all fine. Baby is turning one in two weeks sef”
“Are you serious? See my guy that just got married oo.
Na wa oo.”
“That’s why I’m telling to start thinking about it. I mean,
you’re a successful banker, a smart guy and ripe for
marriage. You’ve already achieved a lot so why not look
for a woman who will stand strong for you. That will be
your pillar. Okay see now, when I get home, I know my
wife has already prepared one of my favourite dishes.
When I want to you know, I know there is someone who
won’t turn me down. She has always been
supportive with my decisions, helps me avoid mistakes….”
Sam cut in, “E don do guy!! I hear you. E be like say na this
Chioma fit you. I remember when you used to make jest of
her going to church everyday parade. Who knew you would
end up with her. Bad guy! ”
“That was before oo. I’m not like that again oo. But It’s all
“Yeah…okay now! I have to go, let me leave you to your
“wife”. We will talk later.”
Tunde laughs saying, “My guy!!! Okay now, we go see.
“Yeah bye,” uncle Sam says ending the call.
Uncle Sam’s pov
“Wow, wow, wow, Tunde my guy! Who knew this man
would be happily married.” I said to myself after ending the
call with Tunde, my long time friend. I couldn’t believe that
the same guy who used to mess around with me while we
were still in school could actually get married. Back then,
he used to say married men were weak men and all of a
sudden, he encourages me to settle down. Life is indeed
funny. I went into my room to take a shower. I needed to
get out of my suits. As I stepped into my room, the image
of Meso flashed through my mind. I never stopped thinking
about her and all that happened that day. I felt bad that I
hurt her but I still wanted to be with her. The more I
thought about her, the more I desperately wanted to see
her. I shook it off my mind and told myself that she was in
the hostel. It wasn’t possible to see her like I used to. I
was even sure she would probably not want to see me if I
did visit her. I knew she was still mad.
Meso’s pov
Two weeks later, we had a guest speaker who came to talk
to all the students in the school concerning sex education.
“All boys and girls!!! Move to the multipurpose hall,” the
senior prefects said as they entered each class.
I needed to use the washroom so I left with Anabelle who
decided to follow me. When I got in, I shut the door behind
while Anabelle stood outside, waiting for me. As I pulled
down my panties, I checked to see if I was on my period. I
had intentionally worn a sanitary pad that morning because
I was expecting my monthly flow but to my surprise, It was
as clean as I had put it on. I didn’t think it was a big deal
since the day wasn’t over and so I took a pee and left the
washroom to join Anabelle outside.
As we got to the multipurpose hall, we took our seats
where other junior students sat and a few minutes the
speaker came up to the podium. She started by introducing
herself before proceeding to the talk of the day. She spoke
on a lot of issues relating to sex and even though it was
something that was repeated often, she said something
that struck me. She mentioned things regarding
unprotected sex, unwanted pregnancy, rape and that was
when my hears decided to listen. When she started
talking on unprotected sex, I recalled the day uncle Sam
raped me. I remembered he didn’t use a condom and that
was when I wished I would instantly fall down and die. I
wanted to run mad. My eyes began to fill with tears. It
meant I was pregnant. That explained everything. Why I
hadn’t seen my period. Why I was always weak. I didn’t
know what to do as I was seated there. I stood up from
my seat and decided to take permission from the senior to
let me leave the hall but she told me to remain seated
since the program was about to end.
When I sat down, Anabelle who had been sitting beside me
asked if I was okay. I nodded and pretended like there was
nothing wrong. She said, “Okay” and went back to listening
to the speaker while I kept on trying to remain calm. Who
would I talk to? What will I tell them? Just when I was
thinking of all this. The program came to an end and the
lady speaker announced that If anyone needed advice or
anything of some sort to see her after the program. In my
mind, I debated whether to see her or not and concluded
that I wasn’t going to. I didn’t want anyone to know. They
would have to tell my parents and the whole school would
find out. I would bring shame to everyone. I couldn’t risk it.
As the students marched out of the hall to their various
classes, I told Anabelle that I would see her in class and
ran to the washroom. I entered into one of the vacant
spots and shut it behind me. I cried my eyes out. I cried in
silence so that I wouldn’t be heard. I couldn’t believe that I
was going to have a child for my uncle.
To be continued….

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