End-Time Oil Sellers.




Matthew 25:5.’they all SLUMBERED and SLEPT. And at MIDNIGHT,there was a loud CRY…


In this end time, SLEEP is a very serious matter…Both the wise & foolish vigins slept but the wise were awake in the SPIRIT anticipating their  Lord, our lord.This sleep is spiritual death. Lukewarmness, it doesn’t matter,God understands… Jonah was in this spiritual state. Are you beginning to be like Jonah or like Jesus?


The wise also REFUSED to share their OIL(their spiritual FUEL and LIFE) as they begged the wise ones…The foolish virgins became beggars. There is nothing wrong to beg for spiritual things but it is terrible begging if it has to be done in the midnight! The time of rest became their own time of active begging. Beggars at midnight. Have mercy on me lord!!!!Many people in our fellowships and churches would experience this sad shock!


The WISE had EXTRA oil for the long, dark journey…Nobody was wise from the beginning of their Christian journey. None was foolish just as we are all looking Tom tom, sweet,yummy ,sugar but never SALT of this saltless earth! But secretly taking extra  oil was wisdom in the  making among the five wise. Nobody remember their church positions at this point. Titles and tithes issues irrelevant when the trumpet sounds. Do you have extra oil  for the extra darkness beaming ahead of us as a church?


But who the OIL SELLERS that sold oil to the foolish virgin at midnight ?why were they  NOT among the 10 Vigins? Foolish virgins and oil sellers who attempted Heaven better than the other ? Yet none of them made it. Hmmmm


These are ministers ,gospel merchants, area pastors and districts  heads ,GOs and GS whose ambition is not heaven at all but owo,kudi and eggo…they so sale oil of anointing and anointed mantles and anointed  handkerchiefs that,they were still selling oil after the bridegroom (The lord Jesus) came and is gone!


This is very disturbing to ponder about but some people  inside the church and on the pulpit are queuing to fulfil this sad prophesy. But it can also be you or me.





Hilary Ashikabe



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    May God help us not to live carelessly without the consciousness of Christ’s return

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