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My husband had been invited to a Men’s Prayer Meeting, which was meant to last for 2 hours. I had to tag along because we had a wedding reception to attend after the prayer meeting…

As I sat at a corner in the church while their prayer was going on… I heard HIM… “I can’t answer them because they are not dealing with their wives well”

“What?” I asked HIM

“Including your husband “…HE said…

” NO! Holy Spirit my husband is the best husband in the world, he deals with me well”

“Funmi, Go and tell them that I won’t answer their prayers because they are all adulterers”…

” Adulterers!…Holy Spirit, I can vouch for my Husband ”


Anytime, the HolySpirit calls my name in full, it means HE wasn’t joking and if I didn’t do what HE asked me to do, I get spanked( my business suffers)…

I stood up not knowing how to deliver the message, I kept moving towards them, just then my husband spoke up

” This one my wife is coming close, I am sure God has a message for us, She hears God like she hears people, Honey, What does God have for us”..He said proudly

With shaky lips and not knowing what to say, I opened my mouth and that was the last thing I did consciously…. It seem God took over my mouth and I heard myself calling the names of the men I didn’t know from Adam…

” Segun, John, Isaac, Femi, Bright…..You all are wasting your energy, prayers that will have no effect, for you all are not dealing with your wives well, Amongst you are wives beaters, wives oppressors, men who don’t believe their wives have anything good to say., and worst of all, All of you are committing adultery…. Yes …Some of you are comitting Physical adultery, while others emotional adultery, sex chats on your phone with old girlfriends, Co-church workers, Colleagues at work… Even though you have not had sexual intercourse physically, your spirit and souls have already done that, therefore I am unhappy with you all, Hence your prayers are hindered…. ”

If a pin had dropped at that moment, it would have sounded like a sledgehammer..

One of the men knelt down broken in tears, saying “I am sorry Lord, I was just trying to be of help to Kemi after she lost her husband, I never knew I will become emotionally attached to her like this , no wonder I have been losing a lot of contracts… ”

One after the other, I saw the men on their knees, I left them, though I was shaking… I wanted to hear my husband’s confession, but the Holy Spirit asked me to leave…

As we drove to the wedding reception much later, there was silence, I didn’t know if my husband was silent because He was angry or sober. At the reception, a female family friend of ours joined us at the table, we exchanged pleasantries and I asked where her husband was, she said He wasn’t coming… My husband finally spoke…

” Sis Joy, God has exposed us to my wife, I don’t want us chatting any more, please let us face our marriages so that our prayers will not be hindered”

It seem like I was hearing Greek… My husband and Sis Joy, Chatting about what? .. Like Seriously… Sis Joy tried to act in denial, my husband just walked away…

It was later at night my husband prostrated, and asked for my forgiveness, saying He developed an emotional attachment to Sis Joy for over six months, as they were both made the new Choir Leaders. They had to constantly chat about issues… One thing led to another, and Sis Joy told him she was not enjoying her home…. Bla Bla. Bla….

My husband kept talking and talking, but I wasn’t listening… As I never would have imagined it… I knew they chatted a lot, but I thought it was Choir matters…. I trusted my husband Isaac too much.

” Honey, at work, it has been hell, my boss has been finding fault in everything I do, now I know why, Please forgive me…. I have not been dealing with you rightly, hence my prayers have been hindered, please forgive me”

“If you are a husband, you should be thoughtful of your wife. Treat her with honor, because she isn’t as strong as you are, and she shares with you in the gift of life. Then nothing will stand in the way of your prayers.” 1 Peter 3:7

Exodus 20:14 Contemporary English Version states
” Be faithful in marriage.”

King James Version states
“Thou shall not commit adultery”( Be it Emotional, Internet wise, or Physically)


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