Don’t Send Your Spouse to Hell(3)…

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Don’t Send Your Spouse to Hell(2)…

Once a woman has started denying herself from her husband, Christian family or not, she has already started digging the grave of her own marriage, because you have just given the devil a loophole to penetrate through, that is what the devil has being longing for, as times goes on there will be gap in-between the husband and the wife, as times goes on he’ll begin to lust in his heart after some other women and the moment a man start to lust after a woman in his hearth because he was being denied of sex, already he’s an adulterer and the marriage bed will be defiled, and the glory of the marriage will begin to die gradually.

Woman listen, to this, your husband have every right to come to you any time and you must be ready to give to him whenever he requested for it except you both agree to deny yourself to seek the face of God. This is the mistake many women are doing, they deny themselves for months, and even years in the name of I’m serving the Lord. Believe it or not, if your serving the Lord is affecting your spouse, you are only working in vain, you may be very busy for God but if you have failed in the area of marriage, you will surely fail in the area of ministry because your first ministry is your marriage. Bible said in Prov14:1 a wise woman builds her own house, not a wise man built his own house. Of a true the husband is the head of the house but the bible never recognize the husband to be the owner of the house but the woman. Many Christians woman eventually lost their husband into the hand of Haggai because they are too busy for the lord. I’ve read the book of Mary K. Baxter whereby an evangelist lost her husband into the hand of a strange woman as a result of that she developed hatred and killed both the woman, the husband and herself and she end up in hell. You must serve the Lord, but you must never allow it to hinder your duty in the marriage, haven’t you read the story of the virtues woman in proverb31? don’t misquote Luke14:26 by saying if I don’t hate my husband for the sake of Christ, I will not make it to heaven, if you are rude to your husband you have hate Christ Automatically and you will end in hell if you neglect your duty as a wife in name of ministry, When you know you really want to serve the Lord, why didn’t you remain unmarried? We all must serve the Lord, that’s why we are here on earth, but you must do it in a ways whereby you will not be guilty in your marriage and also will not be guilty in your given divine assignment. This is why Apostle Paul said it, if you are married you will be entangled with many thing rather than serving the Lord and you have read this times without number, and you insisted in marrying, once you marry as a wife then all your decision will be determined by your husband. You wanted to embark on 100days fasting, have you seek approval from your husband that you will deny him of sex for 100days? It is very easy for woman to deny themselves from sex for years but it’s not so for the man, the question is have you seek for permission or you just deny your body? Many women has lost their husband into the hand of strange women because of this, this is the reason why you need wisdom, you can’t be a fool and please God, what you are nourishing and denying your husband of, many ladies outside are ready to give it to him willingly because they are homes destroyers, they are even much in the church, don’t let church activities hindered you of your marital duity as a wife, your work can’t get you to heaven, but can only earn you reward in heaven, you can be pointing soul to heaven while you yourself can be on your way to hell because of your negligence, many men now spend their time masturbating because they were being denied of sex by their wife, you need to be wise, the bible said let he that lack understanding ask the Lord. As a woman, you must submit to your husband in every way that is the reason why you must never marry an unbeliever. If the Above pastor Jonathan can fall because his wife deny him of sex for years, then what about that man of yours who is not even a pastor and yet you are pushing him outside? God will judge you for that except you repent.
Many were full of pride because they are richer than their husband, if you find it difficult to allow your husband to be the controller of even the money you have, you can never become a daughter of zion, many women will say me I’m humble I will submit to my husband, these are fantasy words, when money comes into your hand your real spirit will shows up in you, if you are a woman because you are earning more than your husband and because of that you spend on expensive clothes, shoes, phones cars while your husband is just managing the little Jackie salary he’s earning, even with that he will still pay for the necessary bill and you are lavishing money on yourself, then you are a demon possessed and you are the mountain standing against the man upliftment, you have failed as a helper and you will end up in hell, do you think heaven is just what you can think in your own imagination? Heaven is more than that and you can’t get there. You are call to be a helper and a supporter, even those salaries of yours that want to destroy your marriage should be decided by your husband on how to spend it. Don’t you understand what the bible called submission? You are just a rib of a man and it is impossible for the rib to dictate to the whole body, it’s wrong, Bible said wife submit to your own husband as unto the Lord. How do you do that ? Paul said in Gal2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live;  yet  not  I,  but  Christ  liveth  in  me:  and  the  life  which  I  now  live  in  the  flesh  I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me,  and gave himself for me. The moment you are married, all your decision must be taken by your husband, if you can’t do it you have failed as a wife because without humility you can’t get to heaven

Another way to destroys your home is dirtiness, if you as a woman, you can’t eat in your toilet,, then it means you are dirty. some men prefer to go alone on a trip rather than going with their wife, some women dress as if they are suffering and they looks older than their age, you are pushing your husband outside, if he’s an unbeliever you will surely lost him. I’ve come across so many deeperlife women who looks older than their husband, excuse me are you the only one serving God? if Jesus was not neat will they be playing gambling on his cloths? Dirtiness drives in evil spirit, and houses filled with evil spirit can’t belongs to the devil. If you enter some people houses everywhere will be stinking with children urine, you can’t even go to their kitchen not to talk of their toilet, when they go outside they put on just any cloth saying I’m a married woman no one is looking at me, you will disgrace your husband. Many women put on cloth without brazier and whenever they want to greet their husband friend everything will be dancing under their cloth, when the bow to greet little child their chest will also come down to greet the child, these is foolishness and not christainity. Go and check the picture of Gloria Bamiloye and Shade Olukoya, Feyisetan Fayose, Folu Adeboye etc they aren’t worldly in their dressing and yet they are looking beautiful. don’t push your husband out in the name of born-again you can dress nice without any worldliness, what’s wrong with you, do you have a problem? You need to change your mentality
Another way of digging a pit for your marriage is lack of respect among women. This usually occurred among the ministers wife, most of the time some pastors wife will just go to the pulpit and announce that there will be women program this week even without informing their husband who is the head of the church, the pastor is making announcement and the woman too is making announcement and only on the pulpit that the man will be hearing the coming event of the woman, this is a serious spirit of Jezebel, many women lacks respect, they gives no regards to their husband all in the name they are now being called pastor Mrs. You must repent of all these, pride goes first before destruction. Many woman can’t kneel for their husband while some takes decision without informing their husband, always claiming equal right with the husband. The man will say this is what should be done and they will be telling the man I can’t do it that way, but my own way. if you are a woman who always nag and argue with your husband, he can’t love you, he will prefare to spend the whole days outside with his friend rather than staying with you at home because Prov21:19 says “it  is better  to  dwell  in  the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman” I’ve seen many women cursing their husband and shouting on them, in fact some keep malice. These is pure demonic, you can’t get to heaven these way

Many women don’t know what they have until they lose it. that man you are looking as nobody, and you are maltreating, some women wish he could be their husband, you are comparing the present situation of your husband with some men outside, calling him fools saying you regret you married him, remember God said to Israelite, what you speak in my ear I will do, very soon your word will come to pass, and that man you regret he’s your husband will be snatched away from you by a strange women, many women wish to have that man, when I’m talking of women I mean high class women who are ready to lavish money on him, but because of his faithfulness to his marriage vow and the fear of God in him, he will never do that and yet you are pushing him outside through your attitude, you will end up in hell, many men abandoned their family to run after a strange women but most of these were caused by the troublesome women. Your husband married you because he loves you, but once you start trampling on that love with your foot you will regret of his next action. Keep saying my husband is a pastor he can’t do that, I will advise you to wake up from your dream because you haven’t married an Angel.

To be contiued…

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