Don’t Ruin That Relationship! (2)- Asonumaka George Wakama

If the spiritual heads are fewer in the Churches how can the society ever be better?

No wonder the devil is in control of the ordained spiritual heads of homes and societies at large  who knows??

That is why — I have come to define and refine   and redefine what friendship should mean to me

And  I recommend it to all and sundry

As we grow older — our friends must possess and bring the following value to the table

1) They  must be economically and spiritually beneficial to our lives

2) They   must be loyal unto death

3) They don’t have to angels – or holy men—and good men-but they must be the right persons

4) They must be ready to have disharmonious relationships with us –BUT LOVE US TO DEATH!!!

5) They must have the ability to NEVER EVER  – become sycophants

6) They must be select few – and not necessarily be  a crowd

7) Yes – they can form a cabal  of power brokers —to make things happen— Your friends must be like the husband of the Proverb 31:23 –woman—they must be the type of men that are qualified to seat at the gates of any city –to determine things within a community – so never make friends with “USELESS” people

That is why I look for these 8 basic qualities I told Akan Ebenezer to copy and paste

As I said……..

” i have seen you in action…..i still think you need to upgrade in your viciousness and killer weaponry as a cyberninja…..

you are too nice, learn to stab the dagger hard and twist it very well.

Truth be told -most of my supposed friends whom i had known since our University days —

have blocked me — and the few who haven’t blocked me have taken the status of United Nation’s Observer Missions,

they aren’t commenting on my wall.–but they see and read my post…            .some ignore it

and i don’t give a FLYING FUCK  about it and them because –

They don’t satisfy …my criteria for friendship …anymore.

…. After a particular age in life you need to redefine and refine the meaning of “Friendship”

I will recommend age 35.

Have this in mind…..and reevaluate what friendship means,,,

1 your workplace buddies are just your colleagues not your friends if you leave or lose that job 99% of them will lose contact and association with you ———

2 Your friends that can’t upgrade you to the point of including you in the business that they do that brings them money are not your friends ….

3 Your friends who can’t do business and share money with you — are not your friends —–

4 Your friend who can’t open doors for you—as in assist you with contacts referrals and business patronage are not your friend.

5 Your friends who don’t know when you are in need are not your friends….

6 Your friend who can’t support you when you are in need –not necessarily financial support are not your friends.

7 Your friends who don’t know the names of your children – the school they attend or even the dates of their births and play the role of a god father of sorts to them – are not your friends.

8 A friend who can’t defend and protect you publicly even when you are at fault and chastise you privately is not your friend!

Finally a friend who can’t look you in the eye and tell you as it is –without minding if it rubs you wrong and counsel you is DEFINITELY NOT NEVER your friend


Asonumaka George Wakama

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