Don’t Get Discouraged Whenever People Mock You!


“If you are not ready to be mocked, then, you are not ready to be made”.

Everyone we celebrate today in whatever field of life, were initially mocked at the commencement/pursuant of their dreams. But after Grace made them, they became who people celebrated and are still celebrating, including their mockers.

Don’t let go of your passion, dream, vision, ideas, desire for change, etc because you are afraid of been mocked.

I am too sure Apostle Peter would have been seriously mocked by people when he left his boat, business and followed Jesus.

How can he leave such a lucrative business/career and follow one nonentity, a man without any success story, no business success, no accomplishments, etc, an ordinary carpenter.

“Don’t mind your mockers, face your maker”

Abraham was mocked,
Joseph was mocked,
Moses was mocked,
Sarah was mocked,
Hannah was mocked,
Elijah was mocked,
Elisha was mocked,
Daniel was mocked,
David was mocked,
Jesus was mocked, etc

Hear this,
“Until you are MOCKED by men, you can not be MADE by God”

Dear, every New Year presents you an opportunity to either solve a problem, take a decision, try something new, do what you have always dreamt of doing, meet your dream personalities, travel to your dream destination, learn new subjects, etc. And this is why I often say, New Year, New Opportunities.

But it’s your choice, it’s your call, either to remain in your” comfort zone” of smallness or dare to pursue your dream of a Better and Fulfilled YOU!.

We Believe, Behave and Become Our Dreams!

A New You, Our Dream!


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