They do down to the sea in
SHIPS,who do business in Great waters.(Psalms 107:23-26)

What is this WATER? The water which thou saweth,where the whore sitteth are PEOPLE,NATIONS,TONGUES AND MULTITUDE (Revelation 17:15

From the scriptures above we discover that this world,all humans, tongues, kindred,nations, Irrespective of their skin color is called GREAT WATERS.

And that there is a cruel Beast sitting comfortably upon many oceans of human beings.Her Name is the WHORE(Meaning a prostitute)

Friend, this world is a LIQUID WORLD and this Liquid has been Polluted and Poisoned intensely by the ministry of this WHORE..

Who is a WHORE? One who promote lawlessness and sexual promiscuities in the society.

Seeing the strong stormy waves and aggressive winds capable of sinking titanic ships you have been brought in by Providence to do the BUSINESS OF LIFE transactions without shipwreck and return to give account to him who sent you.

Many Destinies, Mantles and Graces have been drowned in this GREAT WATERS by this WHORE in their bid to transact business and those who survived the Bible said WENT DOWN TO THIS SEA IN (SHIPS).

Who is this Great whore that pollute the WATERS and what are her strategies in Drowning Men?

Warnings!!! High seas aren’t swimming pools or River and the arm of flesh has failed many and we need SHIPS not canoe or speed boats to Survive.

What are these ships? Why do Men go for canoe or speed boats and not SHIPS?

Wise Men also took CHRIST into their ships (Mark 4:36) before they started sailing but millions picked Man-made captains (acts 27:9-21) and paid dearly for it and the end of their story was shipwreck and loss of treasures.

Only Christ could do business upon waters and didn’t drown and Peter tried doing the same business outside Christ and almost got drowned by this WHORE….

Christ is our life jacket,diver kits, oxygen masks,our eyesglass,our ANCHOR and SHIP.

Millions have drowned already and formed another body called DEAD SEA…
Is thy Destiny drowned or already Drowning? Is your canoe or speed boats wrecked?

Therefore,get ready and come. This trumpet call obey,for you are a Child if God who must do business in earth (WATERS) and return to your maker with profits not losses.

Come with tears,come hungry,come praying and constrain all to come and learn HOW TO DO BUSINESS IN THIS GREAT WATERS WITHOUT SINKING.

Excerpt from GREAT NNAMANI edited by Ihuoma Ifeanyi.

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