I believe firmly in the finished works of Christ on the cross of Calvary. I believe that when any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away and all things are new. I also believe that being in Christ is not a licence to sit still and let the enemy destroy your life.

My father showed me a man in our village, his predicament happened in the 70s. He went to church normally as a Christian, while in church the pastor told him that he should pray well as his step mother is a witch, the pastor, by word of knowledge told him that she has a hole above her bed on her celling through which she flies at night. The young man got angry and went back home to challenge the woman, that was the last “sane” thing he has done since then. He ran mad that same night and till date he is still mad. The old woman is dead, but her work is still speaking in his life. Brother and sister, don’t be so tush that one small witch will kill you and then repent tomorrow and still make heaven.

I know of a family that just got married, few months into their marriage, a woman brought them rice, as the wife narrated the incident to me, that was the last food they ate together. As they were eating, the man suddenly got up and called her stupid, while she was thinking it was a joke, she called him daft also, before anyone could count one to three, he had gone inside to pick a cutlass, she then ran for her life and he followed her still, few weeks after that incident, they were in court for official finalization of their divorce. While she was trying to tell the judge that she doesn’t want the divorce, each time she opens her mouth, she vomits blood. The case ended, they went separate ways. few months after then, her husband married the daughter of the woman who brought them rice.

Sir, I understand you have a call into Ministry, but you cannot fulfill Ministry if you have not conquered internal battles. Majority of the men you look up to, doing ministry in grand style, most of them had first spent time breaking internal yokes before they could prevail to that level of greatness.

I was praying with a young lady some years ago, someone gave her a cloth, she collected the cloth and slept afterwards, she had a dream where she saw demons tying her with the cloth. She got up and burnt the cloth immediately, on getting back inside she met the same cloth on her bed. Beloved, she brought the cloth to church, we then prayed and burnt it before it finally got burnt.

Don’t be tush about any activity of the devil. It is not always that your enemies are masked, sometimes they are not. Sometimes you know who doesn’t want you to succeed or get married on time, when you are PRIVILEGED to know such, you don’t to about forming tush, you pray fervently till the siege is broken.

Beloved, when dealing with matters of destiny, life and your right in Christ, understand it, claim it, get back what belongs to you, don’t be tush.

Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Sometimes your friend is not praying well and all is still well with your friend, but you know where you are coming from, wake up at night and pray fervently till you have destroyed the works of the enemy. Don’t forget, the dark places of this world is full of the habitation of cruelty. Be guided, pray fervently, refused to be carried away.

Bro Chuks

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