Connecting to The Pentecostal Power. (Luke 24:29, Acts1:8) by Dr. D.K. Olukoya


Preacher: Dr. D.K. OLUKOYA (General Overseer MFM Worldwide)


Any negative statement that my mother made on the day of my delivery die, in the name of Jesus
2. Powers that want me to die before the
manifestation of my joy, your time is up, die, in
the name of Jesus
3. Powers assigned to turn my blessings to rags, Lion of Judah, tear them in pieces, in the name of Jesus
4. Powers assigned to turn my celebration to
frustration, I bury you today, in the name of
5. Satanic cloud covering my opportunities, scatter my fire, in the name of Jesus
6. Powers blocking my international breakthrough, your time is up, die in the name of Jesus
7. Powers drying up my well of blessing, die by
fire, in the name of Jesus
8. Every mouth saying it is abomination for me
to prosper, fire of God, burn them to death, in the name of Jesus
9. Grave sacrifices carried against me, backfire,
in the name of Jesus
10. Any glory of my life in the hands of the
dead, I recover you now, in the name of Jesus
11. Oh! wings of God, carry thunder fire of God to every coven assigned against me, in the name of Jesus
12. Agenda of wicked elders to push me into the red sea, backfire, in the name of Jesus
13. Satanic rope drawing my miracles away,
catch fire, in the name of Jesus
14. Any power that enslaved my parents, and now wants to enslave me, die, in the name of Jesus
15. Star hunters watching my star, receive
blindness and die, in the name of Jesus
16. Powers parading to make me a beggar, I kill
you now, in the name of Jesus
17. Blood of Jesus, arise and fight every stranger in my body, in the name of Jesus
18. Oh! God arise, move my enemies from failure to failure, in the name of Jesus
19. Tonight, every jinx upon my life, break, in the
name of Jesus
20. Where is the Lord God of Elijah, arise, let my
enemies destroy themselves, in the name of

TEXT: Luke 24:29, Acts 1:8


There is a power from above, different from the
power from the moon, from the water etc.
It is the power from on-high, it is the power to which every other power bows.

There is a spiritual principle, when there is a conflict of smaller power with the bigger power, automatically, the smaller power must bow.
It is a tragedy of today’s Christianity that we have not received the power from on-high.

The demonstration of this power was NOT only
kept to the prophet. That is why Jesus said
“Have you not read that you are gods?

That is why the King of kings and Lords of lords Jesus Christ went around demonstrating the power which He released to believers before leaving.
He also promised the enduement with power from on-high but the problem is we are not connected to this ultimate power.
Unfortunately, only few people demonstrate the power of God from above.

That is why even some so-called pastors go to witch doctors or magicians to receive power for miracles. The reason why we have all these
pastors is because the congregational members are not connected to the power of God from above! It’s also the reason most people are being enslaved by strange preachers.

Until reach a level when the power from God falls on you, you cannot rise to another level you want.

Some people are operating as a deficit, they need the Holy Ghost power to move them from the dungeon to the palace like Joseph.

Some people are human Gold mines in that whatever they place their hands on should automatically prosper, but if the same person is caged, then he/she will be staying in the dunghill instead of the palace.
That is why some Christians are afraid because they are powerless and afraid of demonic charms. It’s a disgrace when witch doctor uses charms to intimidate you as a Christian.

“The signs of Christianity is not a cross, the
signs of Christianity is the tongue of fire.

Jesus has left the cross over two thousand years ago. The Bible did not put us in the darkness, it was only in the Old Testament that the prophets alone experienced the power. Today everybody must possess God’s power from above, the Pentecostal power.

It is necessary because the same miracles of the old testament time also happened in the new testament time too. They need to happen too in this end-time.

The in-filling of the Holy Ghost is the source of
power needed in our own time. Everybody should covet to prophesy more than before, we need to connect to the pentecostal power.

This is the power of God…
-that cannot be reproached
-that cannot be insulted
-that makes way where there is no way
-that conquers all oppositions
-that returns all arrows to their owner
-that removes trouble situation
-that makes progress inevitable
-that does great wonders
-that makes your enemy to work for you
-that divides the red sea effortlessly
-that disgraces and silences idol worshippers
-that brings dry bones to live


– You need to become a friend of Jesus
– You need to confess all sins and
– Cry out to God in order to receive the power


1. Pentecostal power, I am available, overshadow my life, in the name of Jesus
2. Holy Ghost, turn me to fire, in the name of

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