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When comedians take over the pulpit...


I was invited by a Campus fellowship in School (church name withheld), I was shocked when I realized that I will be ministering with Comedians on the flyer, I quickly rushed to God again for another confirmation and he said "Go and correct that error"

Walked into the church and I saw beautiful souls that lack the light, sat down and saw the order of program, realized I will be ministering after the comedians have finished doing theirs....
God spoke again "They must not climb that stage before you, there are ripe souls here, Satan must not have them.... Go now"

I quickly called on the host and plead for 15 minutes to preach before the comedians come up, oh Hallelujah, God took over, as I talked on GENERATIONAL SHAKERS, was still talking when one of the comedians knelt down, still talking when another one follow, All Glory to God, sinners including the comedians were converted, hungry souls were filled with the Holy Ghost.

Handed over the microphone to the host and he said "God I have been wasting time since". That day no comedian performed.

Can we go back to the Old time revival....?
Can we go back to the time when laugher is not use to cover sin?
Can we go back to when jokes are not used in the place of prayers...?

How did we get here?
Bringing comedians to church and they make jest of Jesus Christ and the Bible, even to extent of making jest of your faith in God, and we open our mouth to laugh and still use that same mouth to cry and ask things from God...

Oh I have surf round the scriptures I can't fine anywhere the Apostles said"We will give ourselves to jokes and comedy" but "To the Word and prayers"

Today because the church lacks Power we now invite comedians and motivational preachers to charge the church and make us laugh in our sins......ah

Where did we get Suya night from?
Where did we get Jeans night from?
Where did we get Sugar night from?

While I was growing up, all I was seeing was Revival Night,Prayer Night, Holistic cry, and A Night of the Supernatural.... But what is going on today?

I remembered very well the Bible said " MY HOUSE SHALL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYERS"

Oh Jesus weep for his body...
There's a Wake up call.

Is this how our fathers of faith did it?
Is it the same heaven they went we are going to?

God is looking for Men that will Reform, Repair and Restructure the System again.

Oh God lock me in the prayer room and throw the keys away.
Oh God break my heart and bend my knees.

#Evang Prince EKEKE