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Stepping into Maggie's Shoe.(Part 21-30)..A touching story by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Part 21&22

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I had seen Gabriel with his mother one Sunday Afternoon after service. He was looking dashing… Nice haircut, well ironed outfit and good looking.

I made some findings and found out he was the only son of the Beecrofts’ who had returned from studying abroad.

My brain went to work and I knew this was payback time for Mrs Beecroft.
I had gotten home that Sunday and searched online for him. I opened a fake social media account in other to chat him up.

I started chatting with him as a secret admirer…

“ Hey handsome… I attend your church and I must tell you, I am simply crazy about you.. I am not a stalker, just wanted to let you know how handsome you are…Bless you!”

He didn’t reply my chats for two days, but on the third day, he simply replied

“ Thank you, Bless you too”

I continued sending him prayer messages everyday, till he eventually chatted me up one night..

That one night sealed it up as we chatted for 4 hours non stop.

From that night, we chatted everyday, We even spoke on phone. He didn’t recognize my voice. He became smitten with me.

Meanwhile, Apostle continued his escapades especially with Mrs Beecroft and on one occasion when Mrs Beecroft was leaving, I told her

“ Say me hi to Gabriel, please inform him his secret admirer says hi”

She was shocked…

“ What did you say?”

“ Never mind, it’s none of your business anyway…”

“ What have you done to my son?”

“ What have you done to my husband?”

I saw fire in her eyes as the meaning of my words sank into her….

I needed her to think about what she was about to do

“ If you try anything funny, I will let Everyone who cares to listen what you have been doing with my husband, so use your brain when discussing with your son”

She ran out of the house really fast…

I had a very good laugh….

Apostle dragged me by the shoulder

“ What have you done?”

“ Exactly what you have been doing and you advised me to do, I also have a history in liking what belongs to other people, so I like Mrs Beecroft’s son, is there a problem with that?”

Apostle was shocked…

“ What’s wrong? Have I done something wrong?” I said giving the most innocent look ever and when I noticed he couldn’t say a word, I continued…

“ You think you are Greedy? Welcome to my world”

I picked up my phone and called Gabriel…

“ Hey handsome, how are you doing? I have decided to give you what you have been asking…Yes…a weekend together, Yes…” I continued talking as I walked up the stairs…

I knew Apostle must have been wondering if he was dreaming. He stayed in the living room till I came down with a box of clothes. I wore one of my glamorous dresses, highly tempting with a well made up face…

“ You are not going anywhere” he said blocking my way

“ Sorry, That part of English sounds like French In my ears, which unfortunately I don’t understand “

“ You are my wife and you shouldn’t be prostituting yourself around”

“ Oh oh, well the last time I checked, you are my husband and you shouldn’t be prostituting yourself around”

“ I am a man, and so it is allowed”

“.Oh, well I am a woman and I have emotions too”

“ Over my dead body will you go out of this house” He said

“Well, That is a good option, I can kill you and in your words, they will think I was having one of my psychotic crises”

With that he stepped out of my way…

“ I may not be attending Sunday service, because I intend enjoying myself to the fullest, you know you have really starved me for months”

I saw that little boy that he told me he was, you know the kind of child that loves to have what belongs to others and yet was not ready to let go of what was in his hand… Well, it was time to get even…

As I stepped out of the gate, I stopped a taxi and asked him to take me to the hotel Gabriel and I had discussed about. I heard His voice…

“ Do you love me?” I looked around and I didn’t see who spoke

I got into the taxi not giving the voice a second thought…

As we journeyed, I kept hearing that voice asking all over again

“ Do you love me?”

I wasn’t ready to listen to that voice,I had been cheated and I wanted to get even, besides I also needed some manly touch and Gabriel was going to give it to me. I knew it was going to be tough the moment Gabriel discovered I was the one, but I would make him do what I wanted….


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ So where are you at?” Gabriel asked me over the phone

“ My Cab is Just driving into the car lot” I answered

“ Finally, I get to meet my sugarrrrr….I am in Room 218” he said with a bubble of excitement

“ Ok! See you soon, I just hope you don’t get disappointed when you see me” I said to myself unsure of what was going to happen soon. I paid my taxi fare and hoped the taxi man did not recognize me because I had my shades on and a purple wig to hide my identity.

I walked into the very beautiful reception and asked for a room for three nights. The plan Gabriel and I had, was to book different rooms so as to avoid anyone who might know us suspect us. I was the one who insisted on that.

Fortunately I was given 219, just opposite Gabriel’s room. He called me immediately I got the room and was excited when I told him my room number…I noticed one of the receptionist was trying to check out my face properly, but he somehow lost interest when I gave him a wrong name…

I walked up the stairs, instead of using the elevator as it gave me time to breathe. The voice kept asking

“Do you love me?”

“ God you know I love you, but I love me too, and I also want to be happy, just let me have this fun once and afterwards forgive me… I have had two heartbreaks in less than a year, Julius made a mockery out of me, Apostle also took me for a fool and is using my challenge against me. So dear lord, I am human and I want to be happy…please let me have this comfort please!”

By this time I was already walking close to 219, I was hoping I would not see GABRIEL yet but my hope was dashed as Gabriel opened his door as I stood in front of my door to open it.

My back was to his door when he opened his door, I couldn’t bear to turn and see his expression knowing his secret admirer was the wife of his Pastor.

“I knew it was you, my heart did not decieve me, thank you for coming!” Gabriel said, but instead of turning to see his face, I rushed into my room and shut the door behind me….

I started crying… I had made a mess of myself. He knew I was the one all along. Definitely, I had been fooling myself. My phone rang and on checking the screen he was the one calling. I ended the call.

He called me using the hotel intercom, I refused picking up…

Finally, I heard him knocking at my door. I knew I had to open up to avoid unnecessary attention.

I opened the door and stepped back with my head bowed in shame…

“ I am sorry, for bringing you into all these, I am really ashamed of myself, I have just been unhappy of late and a lot of things have been happening to me, so I just wanted some happiness for myself… I am really sorry” I said with sincere tears flowing…

“ My heart always told me you were the one, hey… “ he moved closer to me but I stepped back. He understood I didn’t want him close to me, so he stopped making attempts to come close to me…

“ Ok.. I will stay far away, if that’s what you want, but would you at least listen to me?”

“ Huh Huh” I said nodding in the affirmative as I still couldn’t look up at him

“ The first day I ever set my eyes on you in Church was about two years ago, I had come for a brief holiday. I was just in town for a week, it was my grandpa’s burial. I had attended service on Sunday. You sat down in front of me in church and through out the service I couldn’t concentrate. I wanted to speak to you after service, but I felt it wasn’t necessary, because I wasn’t ready for a steady relationship at that time. I silently hoped I was going to see you again when I came back after completing my degree. It was that same Sunday I got to know your name was Happy”

For the first time, I looked up and saw his genuine eyes…

“ So it came to me as a disheartening news when I returned from school and I found out you were the new wife of the Apostle, I cried for days, because what I feel for you is very strong, Happy”

“ And out of the blues, two months ago, a strange lady started sending me messages, at first I didn’t want to give a response until, a little voice told me in my head it was you, I followed my instincts and I started responding to the chats”

“ Most times in church, I lose it, I often have to go the gents to get some water on my face, because of how beautiful you look”

The day I eventually got my suspicions right was when I asked you after service one day, what you wore to church and you told me exactly what you had on…So Happy, I always knew you were the one, and I don’t see you as a bad person…I am ready to marry you if you divorce the pastor. We could go start a new life together ourside the country…

I couldn’t say a word, as all I kept asking God were questions…

“ God… Why did you let me enter Pastor Maggie’s shoe when there was still an available unworn shoe?” I cried and cried, till I had no strength in me, by this time Gabriel was sitting on the bed with me, wrapping his arms around me in comfort…

I narrated almost everything about my past including what Julius did to me , but omitting the part of his mother being one of my husband’s mistress. I just told him Apostle had only made love to me once since we got married. I didn’t tell him the reason. I just told him, Apostle didn’t love me…

“ Happy, do you want to stay unhappy all your life?”

“ No!”

“ Then come out of this cage and be with me.. I have never had a girlfriend all my life, all through my life I have been focusing on my career. That didn’t give me time for dating, and the First Lady that really touched a special place in my heart is you…”

“ Gabriel, our Christian faith doesn’t support divorce, this is not the same as the fake marriage I had with Julius, Apostle paid my dowry, we did our church wedding and court marriage. Besides we have become one flesh by virtue of We consummating our marriage on our wedding night!”

“ You are the one seeing divorce as a big deal, over there in the advanced countries, divorce is not a big deal, even ministers of the gospel file for divorce when the marriage is having problem”

“ But the advance world ought not to dictate our way of life , but the scriptures”

“ Happy, look me in the eye, and tell me I should leave here” he said and I couldn’t because even the mere hug I was getting from him was enough warmth for my cold soul…

“ Stay with me for a while please” I said and we both laid on the bed, as he wrapped me in the comfort of his arms…

This was what I had missed for months…Julius didn’t give, Apostle also failed me, but Gabriel was making me talk to God in my heart…

“ God!, Julius was an undersized shoe, I forced myself into, I got out of it in pains, Apostle’s shoe was oversized, I have been unable to fit my self into, but God of IsreAl, Gabriel would have been my perfect size, if I had not gotten married to Apostle… God can You rewind all that has happened and make all these a dream?

Continues in part 23

Part 23&24

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Gabriel was stroking my hair and I was enjoying every bit of it, but at the same time the voice in my head was loud saying repeatedly

“ Do you love me?”

“ Yes Lord, you know I do!” I replied in my heart…

“ I am not a wicked guy who just wants to snatch you away from your husband, but I feel this is what you should do, Your Husband is an adulterer and the BIBLE permits divorce based on that …”

I gently removed my head from his shoulder in shock as to how he knew my husband was committing adultery. I also tried to feign ignorance…

“He is not!” I said in defense

“ Happy, you know he is, you think I don’t know he sleeps with my mother at your house? Happy, how do you cope staying in that house knowing that your husband is sleeping with another married woman…”

“It’s my cross, I have to bear”

“ No, you are not Jesus.. You shouldn’t bear any cross”

“ Who told you?”

“No one, I have the password to my mother’s phone which she is unaware of. I read her chats with the Apostle.”

“What I don’t understand is why your mother is doing this?, Adultery is a sin against God. She commits it every week and yet raises up her hands in church on Sunday.”

“ My father hardly has her Time”

“That doesn’t mean…”

It felt like I was preaching to myself. I became irritated with myself for staying in the hotel with Gabriel…

“I need to go!” I stood up and wore my sandal back

“ Go?, we just got here!”

“Listen Gabriel, as much as doing this makes sense and is justifiable, if I let this happen, I am no less like your mother. Let me see this as a cross I will bear… I have made a lot of mistakes in my past out of Greed, I am not about to compound issues by adding this to the list… You are a good person and if wishes were horses, I would have loved to divorce my husband to marry you, but divorce was allowed by Moses because of the hardness of the heart of people to let go of hurts, but I know God would rather want me to stay in this marriage and work things out…”

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

I nodded in the affirmative

“ Ok, can I at least get a last hug” he said

I drew close to him and gave him a hug, but all hell let loose. The emotions could not be controlled, we both lost our sense of reasoning, but just at the point of making the everlasting mistake I would have regretted all my life, God gave me the strength to push him off me as I ran into the bathroom crying profusely….

“ God this is not fair, not fair one bit, I know I wished for this, but if you knew this was how complex it was going to be, you should have cautioned me… God I want to have sex, God I really want to, please, please”

“ Do you love me?”

“ Yes Lord, I love you…” and the depth of that question broke me down

“ If you love me, you won’t do what will hurt me, and adultery hurts me”

I cried and cried and cried uncontrollably in the toilet throwing tantrums before God, knowing God was not giving me Gabriel. He was telling me to stay in the marriage with Ray. Gabriel kept knocking at the door apologizing but I didn’t answer him. This was between God and I.

After about 15 minutes, I heard the door of my room open and close. I knew Gabriel was out…

I stood up, washed my face and came to a painful resolution.

“ Apostle, I won’t let what you are doing affect me one bit, you have your ways to settle with God, I will be the best housemate I can be and the best mother in the Lord in the church. Mrs Beecroft and the other women you are in for trouble…”


Gabriel kept calling my number on my way home, I decided to do what I knew how to do best. I barred his number from calling me.

As I stepped out of the taxi, I met Mrs Beecroft driving out of my gate. I wove her car down but She refused to stop. Apostle was standing in the compound surprised I was back…

“ Guess your lover boy disappointed you, not Everyone is good at this game!”

I felt really hurt at his show of stupid pride doing what was wrong. I didn’t have an answer for a baby like him, but I needed to clear the air…

“ On the contrary I disappointed him, because I suddenly remembered I was not a woman of easy virtue like his mother and most importantly I remembered that nothing should separate me from the love of God, not even the emotional pain my callous husband Inflicts on me everyday”.

He was shocked and didn’t say a word as I went into the house…He followed me and asked in the living room

“ So you didn’t sleep with him?” He said like a little boy who had just won a victory

“ How is that your business?, Apostle Ray, you have brought me into your life and your home, I have certain rules if you want this home to be peaceful”

“ Ok?”

“ Our Salvation is personal and since you are not passionate about keeping yours, mine is very important. First and foremost, I don’t want to ever see any of your loose women in this house again, you can make a better arrangement elsewhere, but as for my home I don’t plan on condoling it here. The atmosphere here needs to be cleansed…. Secondly, I will prepare your food everyday which you must eat from, the day you don’t eat my food will be hell”

“ Are you crazy?” He said not believing the audacity I had

“ That is exactly the right words to describe me right now, and you know crazy can be deadly…” I said

He hissed and walked up the stairs like a little child who has been refused what he really wants…

“You think you are a naughty child, well I used to be a naughty child too, who knows exactly how to get what she wants. Apostle Ray, you will give me exactly what I want” I said and had a very good laugh.


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

For a week, I didn’t see any of the women and neither did he eat my food. I wasn’t bothered about the food, because at least I had achieved the part of the women not coming over. He kept malice with me for that week, whenever I greeted he gave me silence for an answer.

When I saw Mrs. Beecroft in church on Sunday, she didn’t pretend to be happy with me as she eyed me anytime our eyes made contact.

“Shameless Woman!” I thought to myself as simultaneously I saw Gabriel walking towards me on the Altar. I quickly moved away from the person I was speaking to and made way to my office. I could perceive he was following me. As I got to into my office with the hope of shutting the door behind me in a rush, he put his leg in the door way…

“What do you want?’ I asked

“You started this whole thing making me crazy about you, and suddenly you think you are just going to discard me like that!”

“I was trying to get back at your mother for sleeping with my husband!”

“Then let’s say, I am trying to get back at your husband for sleeping with my mother!”

“Stop It, Gabriel, this is not you, don’t try to play dirty like what I was trying to do, please don’t make the same mistake I made, other people’s shoe have always been attractive to me, and out of greed , I have found my leg in one that is way too big and uncomfortable for me…Don’t try to get me by all means, you might hurt yourself…Just accept things the way they are. See me as the woman you could never have, and I will see you as same. Move on and Let God find you a good girl who deserves your undiluted and drama free love…”

“I don’t want any other woman, it’s you I want…” he said

“And you can never have her, because she is my wife” Apostle said as the door to my office opened…

Gabriel jumped up from his seat and you could still sense some respect for the Apostle as he had his head bowed…

“Good Afternoon Sir!” Gabriel had said

“Good Afternoon Gabriel, Have a seat….” Apostle said to Gabriel who obediently sat…

“Gabriel, I know what it feels like , when it’s another man’s wife that interests you, so I don’t condemn you, but you are about to end your life, because my wife is off the rack, I can sleep with other women, but no other man can sleep with my wife, you know just like the kings of old, like King David..” Apostle said this and pulled me closer to himself, which was a way of silently telling Gabriel, I belonged to him…

“I strongly disagree sir, if you can commit adultery what stops your wife?”

“I can’t and won’t commit adultery not because of him, but because of Him who is God” I said as I got myself rid of Apostle’s hands…

“With all due respect, Apostle, I would love to be left alone” I said as I went to my table

“I know exactly how to get Happy out of your grip, I will have your story told on every newspaper” he said threatening Apostle

Apostle laughed out loud
“ Remember to include your mother’s name in the story, and watch how you will be labeled as the son of the woman sleeping with her pastor.” He said walking out laughing .

There was a brief moment of Silence as Apostle’s threat made sense to Gabriel and I. Exposing Apostle was like causing damage to Gabriel’s personality as well… I shook my head in pity at how cocky Apostle was sounding..

Gabriel stormed out of my office colliding with Mrs Jaiyesimi, one of my husband’s sleeping partner.

“ Good Afternoon Pastor Happy” She said not trying to maintain eye contact with me

“ Yes!, Mrs Jaiyesimi, how may I help you, are you here to insult me?”

“ No, I am here to apologize for what I have been doing with the Apostle. It was my husband who pushed me into this, his lack of care made me close to the Apostle. It started casually by way of me calling to report my husband to him. I started finding succor in him, till one thing led to the other. When Pastor Maggie was alive, she was very supportive as she would prepare food for me anytime I was at your place, I felt I wasn’t doing what was wrong since it was my husband that pushed me out, but looking at how you handle the situation calmly despite seeing me coming to your home every week to have intercourse with your husband, you are still sane and on fire for God…I really feel ashamed of myself and stupid for letting my husband’s lifestyle push me in to sin…, Please Forgive me , pray for me and I promise to stay away from him…”

“ Hmmm…, it’s ok ma… I am not the one who should forgive you, once you make your way right before God, You are free of guilt…”

“ Please keep this as a secret between us”

“ It is fine!”

I stood up and gave a sisterly hug, as I understood no one was a saint.

We drove home with the church driver, with no words said in the car. This gave me time to think about the statement, Mrs Jaiyesimi had made about Pastor Maggie supporting Apostle in having extra marital affairs under her roof…

“Was that Christian Like?” I asked

“ Was That been a good wife?,”

I was ruminating on this in the car, so I didn’t know when we got home, until Apostle touched me…

“ Honey, we are home.”

The moment the church driver left, all hell was let loose…

“ So you have taken Mrs Jaiyesimi from me right?, you will regret this” he said angrily like someone having a fit

“ Me… take Mrs Jaiyesimi from you?, how?”

“ Yes!, she just sent me a text in the car, telling me she had spoken to you and it was over between us”

“ Ok?, so is that a bad thing?”

The next thing I felt on my face was a loud and painful slap….

Emotional pain was one thing, but I didn’t know Physical abuse was part of what Apostle had for me in this shoe called Marriage… Hmmm.. Maybe this was one of the reasons Pastor Maggie kept quiet, and maybe this was why Sapphira in the Bible Lied alongside her husband, Ananias…

Should the fear of my husband make me condole and support evil?


continues in part 25...

Part 25&26

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Big Daddy had slapped Big Mummy in my presence, and all Big Mummy did was to walk away. She went into her room and locked herself up.

Big mummy was my mum’s elder sister, I had gone to spend the holiday at her house , when I was 8 years old. She didn’t have kids of her own at that time, so she always wanted me at her place during the holidays.

When Big Daddy slapped her, I expected her to return the slap or fight him, but Big mummy didn’t do either. I later asked her some questions…

“ Big mummy, why did Big Daddy slap you?”

“ We had a fight just like you have fights with your friends in school…”

“ Then why didn’t you slap him back?”

“ Well, fight in marriage is very different from every other kind of fight, fight in marriage has to do with a lot of emotions and when not managed it can be disastrous even to the point of death… If I had slapped Big daddy back, it would have fueled him more to keep fighting. So the best thing to do when one’s Husband or wife is ready to fight, is to leave their presence because at that point they are mad and can do anything”

The moment Apostle slapped me and I was about to reciprocate, the Lord brought back to my memory this scene from my early age, and just like Big Mummy did, I ran to my room and shut the door.

Big mummy was right, Apostle was stronger than I was, if I had slapped him, it would have infuriated him to slap and beat me further. A lot could have happened and somehow on the headlines it would be written that “Pastor Happy died of domestic violence”.

Even if Apostle would be prosecuted, my precious life would have ended. It was time to avoid the lion in Apostle, so I won’t be devoured. Whatever he wanted to do with his life was his business…Big Mummy had told me back then, that most men and women who were victims of domestic violence could have avoided such if they were not trying to get back or fight the person abusing them. She told me the best thing to do was to run away from the scene and avoid doing things that might aggravate the violence.

I avoided him like a plague for about two days, I set his food on the dining table and retired to my room before he came out of the room…

On the third day, around 6pm in the evening, I noticed some movement in the living room, I decided to peep. I saw Apostle lighting some scented candles on the dining table like someone setting up a romantic dinner.
My heart did swell up in gratitude … Finally, he was back to his senses and he wanted to make up for his error of physically abusing me…

I rushed into the toilet, I freshened up, applied little make up and wore a tight fitted short gown waiting to be called upon. I didn’t want to spoil his fun, so I stayed in my room waiting to hear a knock at my door…

I waited and waited, but suddenly I heard the sound of a car driving into our compound. I peeped through the window and to my utmost shock, it was Mrs Beecrofts’ car.

My heart dropped. So it was Mrs Beecroft my husband had planned this dinner for?

“God, Why is this happening to me?, why are you watching the wicked prosper?” I wept bitterly

I stayed in the room not knowing what to do, but very quietly, I started hearing the soft blues from the living room. I opened the door to the room very quietly and I saw My Husband and Mrs Beecroft dancing….

I walked down the stairs quietly…

“ Do you care that God sees you?” I said as tears flowed voluntarily down my face…

“ Leave us to God and let God be the judge” Mrs Beecroft answered

That got me mad… and then a scripture dropped in my heart…That was it… Even JESUS reacted once in a violent way…

I went into the store and brought out a very sharp cutlass…

“ What are you doing?” Apostle asked

“ Exactly what Jesus did, when people were buying and selling in his Father’s house… Since God has not been talking to you, I plan on standing in gap and speak some senses into your brain…Mrs Beecroft or whatever your name is, if you don’t get out of my house now, I promise you I will use this cutlass on you, and guess what, I will have nothing to lose, because you will be the one that will have injuries on your body…Number 2, you will have to explain to your husband and the society what you are doing at my place at this time, which of course will be a surprise to your Husband who doesn’t know that you are here, so make your choice!”

“ I told you not to marry her, I told you to look for a village girl, but you told me she looked calm, and since she is psychologically imbalanced, she won’t be a problem…..Can you see?” Mrs Beecroft said as she picked her purse.

As she was moving out of my house, I took a broom with my left hand and was sweeping her feet…

“ Lord, I sweep away the Spirit of buying and selling from this house in Jesus name…”

Apostle was enraged, he was coming close to me…

“ Apostle, Don’t even dare, you slapped me and I have not been able to reciprocate, Don’t force me to reciprocate with this matchete in self defense”

“ You are crazy!”

“That was exactly why you married me”

Instead of him coming towards me, he ran after Mrs Beecroft. She was not ready to listen to him as she insisted he opened the gate for her…

I knew what was best for me, I ran into my room and locked myself in. I didn’t want any physical abuse…

He came in shortly and started banging my door, but I refused to open up…

“ Apostle don’t waste your time, I am not opening this door”… I said

Then the unexpected happened….

Apostle started weeping Like a Baby….

I decided to be human and open the door….

On Opening the door, I met him sobbing…

“ Why? Happy, please I know what I am doing is wrong, but my not doing it drives me crazy. I know I am going to hell, but I pray daily for Mercy. I can grant you a divorce if you are not going to cooperate with me. My life is dependent on me having intercourse with other women…”

“ Why? Are you in a cult?”

“ No, God knows I am not diabolical, this feeling is a part of me I can not control. it is a spiritual force that is stronger than me”

“ No, if you surrender to God, He will help you overcome this force…”

“ Happy!, you can’t be preaching to me, I have read the complete Bible 12 times”

“ But the Spirit behind the words of the scripture is not existing in your life, the Bible without the HolySpirit is just a mere story book in your hands”…

Then he suddenly raised his voice like someone possessed by a demon…

“ I said, don’t preach to me” Out of Anger, he started pushing me out of the house. He pushed me out of the house and just like Big Mummy had taught me…

“ In marriage, you don’t struggle with an enraged man, at that time he is more deadly than a hungry lion”

I obediently let him push me out till he completely pushed me out of the gate…

“ Apostle, stop this, stop it” I said but the lion in him was not listening. He shut the gate as I stood outside my gate barefoot in a skimpy gown and a made up face looking like a cheap call girl…

I had no cash on me, no phone to call a taxi, nothing …

I decided it was time to go visiting my Mum, her place was about 2 hours trek from my home and since Walking was a hobby for me, I started walking…


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

It took me about 2 hours 30 minutes to get to my parents’ house. I was grateful that it was already dark as that was able to keep my identity hidden from people. The alone time gave me space to think about my life and the next step to take.

Apostle wanted a divorce already, but was that good for me? Was I not going to be seen as the one with the problem?

That will be 2 Husbands in less than 2 years… No one would believe I was just the victim in both cases.

My guess about what people would say was actually proved right when I got to my mum’s place as she didn’t believe a thing I said…

“ Happiness, you better say the truth as to why your husband sent you out of the house!, with the way you are dressed, are you sure you were not prostituting yourself with some boy and the Apostle caught you?” My mother said

“ Prostituting myself?, Mummy!, even when I was single, did you see boys around me? I just told you the simple truth, Apostle is sleeping with a church member, who I tried chasing away with a cutlass today…That got Apostle angry and he locked me out of the house” I said to my mother who was obviously not convinced as she continuously raised her nose to indicate she was not buying my lie…

“ So you are telling me, your husband who is a man of God is sleeping around?, Happy have you been using your pills of recent, are you sure you are not hallucinating?, When last did you see your therapist?” Mum was saying…

That was it for me, there was nothing I was going to say that would convince my mother, so there was no point trying anymore. I left her and was heading towards my room…

“ Where to?” My mum asked

“ To my room, I need to rest, I trekked here” I said

“ Unfortunately, you have no room here again, I don’t have a space here, you need to go back to your husband’s house now”

“ Mummy, what is this?, mummy please I am not ready for any drama, I just told you my husband locked me out!”

I noticed my mother picked her phone and was dialing a number. It rang at first, but after about 3 times. The call was dropped. Mother kept calling but the person was not picking up.

“The only condition I can let you stay in this house is if I hear from the Apostle himself” my mother said

“Well, he is not picking…” my father who had been a silent observer said…

“ Then I will get to her house tonight…Let’s go” My mother said as she eyed my father

My mother picked up her car key and was on her way out. It was obvious I had to go with her, her word was final.

“ Ok Mum, but please let me have a change of dress, I feel really dirty and sweaty”

“ Make it fast” She said as she went out towards her car

I rushed into the room I lived as a single hoping to have a change of outfit since I still had some old clothes there. I Freshened up in a haste and searched through my locker for a dress.

As I was rummaging through my clothes, my old Diary fell. It was a diary where I wrote my dreams, wishes and fantasies. I sat down and skipped through till I got to a page that tore my heart….I wrote it on one of those days I was taken over by my Greed…

“ I just wish Pastor Maggie would just die, so I could be Apostle Ray’s Wife. I wish I was Apostle’s wife, where people would refer to me as MaMa, I would be able to travel around the world, waving at people, I would have a private jet, people will give me gifts of cars, money, e.t.c. I hope to have three kids with him and travel round the world.
God please, Pastor Maggie is not wearing her shoe well, I just wish I was the one in her shoe”….

I dropped the diary like it was a plague, just then Mum came in…

“ The car is not starting, We will have to take public transport”

“ Public transport at past 9, Mum it is late, we can go tomorrow, Maybe your car not starting is a sign that God doesn’t want us to go…”

“ Indeed… Get dressed and let’s be on our way” Mum said with her bossy tone.


We had stayed at our bus stop for about 10 minutes before we got a bus. I was really angry at my Mum, so I made sure I didn’t sit close to her, and I didn’t utter a word to her. A woman with three babies (she had placed one at her back and she had carried two in her hands, one on each hand) entered the bus, taking the seat beside me. Out of compassion for her, I offered to help her carry one of the babies who she gladly placed in my hand.

A female evangelist was preaching over the radio about God’s love…

“ It’s not everyone that God loves, God has his favorite” the mother of the babies said as we all were paying attention to the broadcast

“ Aunty, don’t say that, a father loves all his children, and since God is our father, he loves us all” I said to counter what she said

“ Then Why calamity, take for instance look at me. My husband died 2 months ago on the day of delivering these children. He was so excited when He heard I had given birth to a set of triplet, that he went drinking. It was when he was coming to the hospital he drove into the carnal…”

“ Ha!” Everyone in the bus exclaimed

“ So stop saying God loves us” the woman said

“ But what you just said shows that God is not to be blamed in this matter, your husband died because of his own sin, he died out of his error and foolishness. He drove when he was drunk…” a man said from behind

“ But God could have protected him?” She argued

“ My sister, it is well, God will watch over your children, at least part Of God being merciful to you, when your husband destroyed himself, God has given you 3 babies” the man said with no sympathy in his voice

“ I like being truthful…a lot of people blame God for their foolishness” the man said

“ When we act foolishly and get the consequences of such action, we should brace up, accept the consequences and find a way to live with it” the man said…

Suddenly, the woman shouted…

“ Please I need to ease myself, driver stop please…”

The driver hissed and stopped, telling her to make it snappy. The woman dumped her remaining two kids with me, making it three babies on my laps. As they were a handful, I passed the first baby to my Mum who was seated at my back…

The woman rushed into a dark place to avoid been seen while trying to ease herself….

“Madam….Madam, make it snappy, do you have a tanker load of water in your system” the driver shouted

This was about 5 minutes after she left, but no one responded. Someone got down from the bus to call her…

“Madam, Mama Baby, do quick….” the man shouted but he got no response…

The driver got down also and checked for her with this torch, the woman was no where to be found….

At this point, Everyone alighted from the vehicle….

We started searching for her in the dark….

“ Where was this woman who had dumped 3 babies in my hand” I thought in apprehension.

Continues in part 27

Part 27&28

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

It was about 10:30pm and the search party had returned. Everyone except my mum and I had gone in search of the mother of the triplets but no one found her.

When all the passengers came back, it was obvious I had become the mother of the babies…

“ Madam, it’s seems you are now the mother of the triplets” someone said jokingly

The driver asked us to get back into the vehicle, but I couldn’t get back into the bus. Confusion had taken over me, my mother was also confused. We refused to join them in the vehicle, then out of the blues, someone who had recognized me said…

“ Please Ma, are you not Pastor Happy, Apostle Ray’s new wife?” She asked

I nodded in the affirmative

“ Ma, God dropping these babies in your hands is not a mistake, you will be able to take care of them better, I believe they are glorious children…” the young lady had said

The number of “ Really?” That sprang up in the vehicle was uncountable as people started flashing their phone torches to have a good look at my face… They saw it as a miracle and the act of God.

After all the exaltation of God as being a great God, the driver sped off with the other passengers leaving my mother and I at the spot.

“ Mummy, what are we going to do?” I asked Mum

For the first time my mum was short of ideas as she nodded in the negative.

“ Mummy, I think we should go to the nearest police station” I suggested as I knew that was the right thing to do. Mum nodded in the affirmative to indicate her support.

“ But, how do we leave here right now?” My mum asked

“ I don’t know, you see mum, that’s why I told you to get one of these cab apps on your phone… God!, I don’t understand what is happening to my life right now, but just lead me out of all these problems”

At that point,it flashed through my mind, “ MY WISH” to have three kids with Apostle Ray… I almost dropped the two babies in my hand…

“God!, I don’t have the capacity to care for these babies. No, please don’t grant that wish this way…No please, I am sorry for everything I have wished for that is not according to your will…” I said screaming in my heart.

I watched as my mother was dialing a number on her phone…

“ Julie, please come and pick Happy and I at…..”

Aunt Julie had driven us to the nearest police station. We had lodged our complaint and stated the real situation of things… The D.P.O had recognized me as Apostle’s Wife, so he treated me with respect.

After explaining everything to the DPO, his comment furthered dampened my spirit…

“ Ma, I believe these children should be kept with you, if we take these children from you, we will hand them over to the government and this I tell you will not Favour these babies. First they will be seperated and put in different orphanages, Number 2, they may not recieve the kind of care you could have given them. Ma, I suggest you take these children as souls God has just added to your husband’s ministry.”

This comment did not sit well with me, one bit, but my mother as usual jumped to ask

“ So you mean, if we keep the children, there won’t be a problem?”

“ Not at all ma, I will write a letter stating the police is aware of the situation.” He said

My mother jumped up and started dancing…

“ Thank you, Lord, For years I have cried that I had just one child, but in one night, you have given me 3…”

All the necessary statements were taken and together with the babies, I returned to my mother’s house with Aunt Julie…

Early the next morning, my mum came to wake me up that she was going to the shopping mall to get some baby items. You should have seen the excitement on her face, but I guess she was missing something…

“ Mum, are we no longer going to my husbands’ place?”

“ See, forget that, Aunt Julie and I have spoken at length and she has said if half of everything you told me is true, you shouldn’t return back to that Apostle. God has been faithful to you by giving you these children, we will help you nurture them, while you live your life”

I watched my mother in amazement at how inconsistent she was in her decisions, she was always carried away by the situation at hand.

I heard the cries of the babies from the living room. I really wanted to see how they looked like in the daytime. I followed my mum and the sight I saw was beautiful, Mum had taken care of them and had wrapped them in some of her wrappers. They were all girls and they were beautiful…

“ We have given them names” Aunt Julie said in excitement

“ Mary, Martha, Melody” My mother said

“ Okkkkk!” I said laughing

I carried the one whose name was Melody…She was the fairest of them all…

“ She is my favorite too, but she cries a lot, and that is why I gave her the name Melody, I hope she uses that voice of hers to sing beautiful melodies when she grows up” Mum said cheerfully…

Dad walked in and said while switching on the T.V

“ I hope her husband accepts them”

“ If he doesn’t we will keep them”

“ We?” My father asked

“ You and I, can’t we take care of our grandchildren?”

“ Well, let me inform you, I don’t have the strength to start running after little children at my age?”My father said

“ That is not a surprise, you have never had the strength for anything good, the only good thing you have ever produced in this life is Happy and that is because I co produced her with you…” Mum retorted

My Mum’s phone rang, and surprisingly on checking the screen, it was Apostle calling. I looked at my mother who encouraged me to pick up…


“ Yes “

“ Where are you and what’s this talk about you having three babies?” he said

I was so shocked….

“What… I mean who told you?” I asked

“ Maybe you need to check the NN news station, your face is plastered on the screen and people have been calling me, asking me questions I have no answer to” he said

Without hanging up, I took the remote from my Dad’s hands and changed it to the station Apostle was referring to…

True to his words, my picture was on the screen with the caption…


A lady was the one anchoring the show, as I looked closely at her, her face seemed familiar…

“ The Women literally dumped the babies in Pastor Happy’s hands and thereafter disappeared.” the lady was saying

“ At least, we are grateful she didn’t kill them, obviously from the way you described her, She must have been suffering from depression” the other presenter said…

“ Possibly, Pastor Happy, in case you are watching, I was in the same bus with you last night when the triplets were dropped in your hands, we know God doesn’t make mistakes and I am so sure this is a divine act. It shows you are a good woman and God believes you can take care of those babies. May God strengthen you for this great task, we hope to see them emerge as great vessels in God’s hand…”

I dropped the remote and sat down gently. My Mum’s phone rang again…

“ That was a very good act of yours, I suggest you start coming home, because Co-pastors are calling and wives of general overseers are calling already… They all want to come and see the babies. Soon, I know the press will be here as well… Where are you, so I can ask the driver to come pick you up…”

I returned home and true to Apostle’s Word, our home was filled with visitors. The triplets became the center of focus, because Days later the corpse of the woman was found, as she had committed suicide in the bush…

Men of God came to our home and prayed for the children. People made promises to sponsor their education. Even the United Nations reached out to us as the story went Viral.. All these happened within the space of two months. Apostle was behaving like a proud father. I was seen as a heroine.

However, my joy and pride was short lived. I recieved a strange call.

“ Hello” I said

“ Hi, Pastor Happy, You suddenly have become a heroine all of a sudden without people knowing your wicked past…”

“ Sorry, who is this?”

“ This is Chaba, who you stole Apostle Ray from… Listen, I don’t have much airtime to waste on a wicked soul like you, here is my proposition, you pay me 300 million NAIRA, and I will keep quiet, but failure to do that I will tell the whole world how you poured Acid on your church member’s face in order to Marry the Apostle, plus my own version of how you were the one who murdered Pastor Maggie. That way, they will know you are a beast and those babies shouldn’t be left with you…I will be sending my account details shortly…” Chaba said before ending the call…


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Due to the presence of the triplets in our home, Apostle could not have his sexual escapades for two months as Mum was practically living with us. I couldn’t handle the triplets all alone.

Mum’s presence made her realize the truth about all I had told her as she noticed Apostle and I did not share the same room as Husband and I.

On one occasion,Mum tried speaking with Apostle…

“My in-Law, I want to find out if your wife has offended you, I notice you hardly talk and neither does she share the same room with you. You leave home very early to church and return late after we all must have slept, What is happening?”

“ Nothing ma, it’s just that as much as I love the triplets,it’s a bit strange having three new babies at our home without prior preparation, coupled with having you here with us. I am not a “people” person, as I totally adore my privacy”

“ Ok.. If that is the problem, I can take the triplets home with me, while you and your wife can have your home to yourselves”

“ Ma, I would gladly appreciate that” he said

I was eavesdropping on that conversation and deep within me, I knew what Apostle’s real problem was; he was missing his time with Mrs Beecroft and the other women.

I took a bold step by confronting him as I knew he couldn’t beat me up, while my mother was around. I went into his bedroom…

“ You and I know that the reason you want the triplets out of here is to have my mother out, so your loose women can come in” I said with irritation in my voice

“I have always known you to be smart.” He said giving a mischievous smile

“ You are pathetic!”

“ I am sorry I am, but you are right, Get your mother out of this house, the triplets can stay. Let’s have a deal, you keep your babies and I get to keep my babies too.”

I looked around for something really harmful to throw at him, due to the level of hatred and disgust that rose up within me towards him, but I thought otherwise. I made a turn to leave his room,but just like an oversized unreliable shoe that he was, he said…

“ I believe Chaba has called you, I have the power to make her keep quiet, 300 million is nothing, but you must be ready to rub my back, so she doesn’t let out your secret to the world, I mean your psychosis.”

This was two days after Chaba had called. I had not informed Apostle out of fear, but with the way he was speaking, it looked like he knew more than what he saying…

“ Why do I have a feeling you hatched this plan?” I said walking towards him

“ A man has to do what a man has to do, to defend his territory” he said proudly

I saw that I couldn’t fight this, Apostle was really the master game player. He had brought Chaba up to silence me.

“ So what do you want from me, I mean what is the plan?” I asked very defeated

“ Very Simple, Let your mother return to her home, she will have days when she is permitted to come in assisting you to take care of the triplets. The other days will be for my own babies”

I knew I had to accept this, Apostle and I were not intimate, so, I was no longer bothered if he was sleeping with a thousand women. My triplets were giving me all the joy I needed.

“ Fine!, I thought you wanted to be out of your sin, but I guess, you have become a slave to sin”

I stepped out of his room and went ahead to narrate all that happened to my mum. This time around she believed me and for the sake of the triplets, she agreed to return home.

Chaba didn’t call back.

The same day my mother left, Mrs Beecroft came back some hours later. We had no words for each other. I was tired of fighting. It then made sense to me why Pastor Maggie didn’t put up a fight against the women. Apostle was the one possessed of the devil and not just the women.

This way of life continued for months till my triplets were about 9 months, they were beautiful and highly energetic, except Melody who was always falling ill.

One day the triplets were playing in my room and scattering the whole room. Melody was pulling out a wire from a corner. I took it from her hand and I tried to tuck it in. In the process of tucking it in, a key fell to the ground. I picked it up, the key was like one of the keys of the cupboard. Instantly I suspected it must be for one of the cupboards in Pastor Maggie room, that I was unable to open. I had left the cupboard when I didn’t find the key months ago. It was the topmost locker.

I inserted the key in the keyhole and it was the perfect key.

On opening I saw a small Tablet, with it’s charger. I brought it out and tried switching it on. Fortunately, the light on the screen popped up.

To my surprise, there was no password required. When the Tablet was through with the booting process, the home page surfaced, but surprisingly the home page was blank with only one folder titled “My Cinderella Shoe”.

I clicked on it and what my eyes saw gave me assurance I had found the solution to my problem.

Continues in part 29

Part 29&30

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

The folder had several video files and Word documents. I clicked on one of the video files and I saw Apostle’s bedroom being filmed.

Apostle was in the very act of committing adultery with Mrs Jaiyesimi. It was a very gross sight. The camera angle looked like a camera was placed in between the shelves of his books. I heard Pastor’s Maggie’s voice…

“So, today I was able to get Ray and Mrs Jaiyesimi on tape. Ray you are so going down for this you have done to me, I have been silent for 12 years covering you up, but you betrayed me by not defending me when this scandal about me having an affair sprang up, instead you have been calling me names. For 12 years, I never cheated and I can count by hand the number of times you have made love to me. I will expose you to the world and let them see how dirty their Christian Apostle is. Can you imagine?take a look at your Apostle, sleeping with the married women in his church”

That video ended. I clicked on a new video, this time around it was Pastor Maggie herself facing the camera…

“ Living with my husband has shown me Christianity is a false and fake religion, how can you be committing adultery and yet climb the altar every Sunday, Yet the God of the Christians has not deemed it fit to be angry at such a man. Well, my intentions are clear, I will post these videos on every social media platform to show the world who he is, so I can divorce him and marry the love of my life”.

I sat for over an hour, while the triplets dozed off one after the other. Pastor Maggie had a plan, Apostle Ray thought she was just quiet for no reason, but Pastor Maggie had filmed Apostle with all the other women with the intention of making it public.

If this had happened it would have been a big blow to the body of Christ, the marriages of the seven women would have crashed as I couldn’t imagine how the husbands of these women would take the videos of their wives trending on the internet, the children would also have been deeply affected. A lot of people would have backslided. It would have been a big mess.

The temptation to continue from where Pastor Maggie stopped was overwhelmingly strong on me. I wanted to get back at Mrs Beecroft for stealing the heart of my husband from me, because out of all the women, she had more grip on Apostle. I imagined how her world was going to crash and how she could possibly kill herself, out of shame should the video get out.

“ Hmmm…., but I am not going to be like Pastor Maggie, I am not going to do more harm to the Body of Christ, as I may think I want to expose evil, but at the end of the day, do more evil than good.” I thought silently to myself as I remembered the Bible verse that states that if eating meat will cause another brethren to fall into sin, then I should avoid eating such.

I knew publicizing those videos like some of those social media bloggers did, will end up causing more evil than good, it could cause a lot of people to fall into sin.

I shut down the tablet and kept it hidden. I needed a good plan, I needed to use this evidence of mine wisely. I was not planning to tell Mum about this because, I knew what she might advise me to do with it….

After two days of praying and asking God what to do with it, I suddenly came up with an idea. I hoped and prayed it was going to work.

I sent a text to all the women, except Mrs Jaiyesimi who had stopped sleeping with the Apostle and had left our church.

“ Hello Ma, Good Day I would love to have a brief meeting with you ma at my home on Saturday morning, it is very important.
Before Pastor Maggie died , she had an implicating material that involves you which I just found, and instead of making it public, I wanted us to see and discuss. If you are interested, be at my place Saturday morning. It will do you good not to inform my husband about it, because if you do, things might become more ugly, God bless you”.

About three of the women called me back, but I refused to disclose what the implicating material was. Mrs Beecroft didn’t call or acknowledge the receipt of the text.

On Friday Night around 9pm, I sent a text as a reminder to the six of them. I gave the six women, different time, with 10 minutes difference between each of the women. I also Pleaded with my mum to come take the triplets out for the day.

Fortunately, Apostle was not around that Saturday as he had gone for a crusade in another city…

At exactly 10 am, 5 of the women were around, each of them looking at one other Suspiciously and giving fake smiles as courtesy demanded as co church members.

By 10:15am, Mrs Beecroft showed up very proudly, but surprisingly with her son, Gabriel who I had avoided like a plague for months. Seeing him stirred something on the inside of me…

Why on earth did she bring her son? She was about to make this thing not go as planned!!!


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

On seeing Gabriel, something stirred up on my inside and no other name for it than “Lust”. The temptation to flirt with him came straight to my heart as I had been deprived of affection for months, but the good voice in my head spoke to me loudly this time…

“This is a distraction tactic from the devil, rebuke the thought”

“ I rebuke you this evil thought in the name of Jesus Christ, you the Spirit of Lust catch fire in the name of Jesus Christ.” I prayed silently as I walked towards Gabriel and his mother.

“ Mrs Beecroft, good morning, please Gabriel can not be in this meeting with us, it is strictly for women…” I said affirmatively trying humanly possible not to have eye contact with Gabriel.

“ Women?, What do you mean?, I thought this meeting was between you and I alone, that explains why I brought Gabriel with me, in case you have plans to kill me…” She said with so much arrogance

“ Well, I have no intentions of doing such, this Meeting is for about 7 of us” I said as I was determined to see to it that Gabriel left us. Mrs Beecroft peeped into the compound at the different cars parked by the women.

“ Ok then!” Mrs Beecroft said as she discharged her son to stay outside in the car. Gabriel wanted to say something to me, but I noticed he restrained himself.

“Better!” I said to myself

We both stepped into the house.

There was the usual exchange of pleasantries among the women which was obviously hypocritical, At about 10:22am , I took the stage.

“I want to appreciate everyone of you for supporting us in the church, thank you for the show of exemplary leadership in the church, but painfully I have realized that we all are far from who we present ourselves to be.
Please I will crave your indulgence to please watch these video…”

I switched on the T. V, and played Pastor Maggie’s confession video. I started with Mrs Beecroft’s Sex video with my husband. Mrs Beecroft jumped from her seat…

“ You are wicked!, Why couldn’t you call me privately, instead of making a public show of me……..” She said weeping profusely but to her surprise she noticed the other women were not condemning her, some of them had their heads bowed in shame, while others paced around.

I didn’t reply her, instead I played the other video. It came as a shock to all the six women that Apostle was actually sleeping with all of them. Each one of them had thought she was the only one.

“ This is bad, This is bad!” Mrs Beecroft said as she kept lamenting

“My life and marriage will end if my husband sees this” said one of the women

“ My In- laws will finish me!” Said another

“ My children will never forgive me” said another

“ My Husband will kill me and kill himself, if he sees this” the woman who had visited the toilet over 5 times in less than 5 minutes said as she was sweating profusely.

At that point, I knew this was this best time to strike, like the adage that states “It is good to strike while the iron is hot”

“ No one has to see this, if we decide to do the right thing!” I said

“ Pastor Happy, please we beg you, please don’t expose this” Mrs Beecroft and the others took turns in kneeling in front of me, apologizing…

“ Please, Have your seat, I would like us to discuss this maturely” I said

They all took their seats, though some sat on the floor while others sat at the edges of their seats.

“What has happened today has shown me that Sin thrives in secrecy, and there is a subconscious part of us that knows this is not right, I know the problem lies with my husband. He is the one that has the demonic craving, but sisters if you all did not make yourself available, that craving would have naturally died. Do you know that the reason why immorality, and unfaithfulness from married men is highly rampant is because these men have found accomplices in women. Let’s imagine if the women folk decide today to eradicate affairs with married men, the desire of these men will naturally die, because there won’t be anyone available”

“ Unless they will be sleeping with dogs” said one of the women….

“ Exactly, If men do not find married women and single ladies to feed their cravings, they will come back to their senses” I said

“Honestly, I never saw myself doing this, but it was when my husband started having extra marital affairs that I decided to pay him back in his coin” the woman who had visited the toilet 5 times said

“ We can’t pay evil with evil and think good will somehow prevail, by sleeping with my husband to get back at your husband will never let God intervene in your marriage. God will see you both as unserious people” I said trying to tell her she had no excuse

“Pastor Happy, no right thinking married woman wants to commit adultery, but when she has responsibilities and unfortunately for her she is married to an irresponsible man who has also become one of her responsibilities, she has no choice than to look for help outside. I am not sleeping with Apostle for sexual satisfaction but for financial help so I can cater for my four children, husband and siblings.” the woman who said her children would not forgive her said..

“ Bible tells us that woe to those who look up to man as our help, You should have asked God for help rather than sleeping your way to get money that has its roots in sin” I said…

“I am sorry, Pastor Happy, My Husband doesn’t like and have time for love making, which is hard on me, because of my past. Before I became a Christian, I was a call girl, my sexual drive has always been high. I had come to Apostle for Counselling on the matter, it was during the Counselling Session Apostle made a joke about helping my husband out. Pastor Happy, that is how and why your husband and I have been together for 8 years” Mrs Beecroft said

“Our desires can be subjected to the HolySpirit, Mrs Beecroft you could have told God about your desires and about your husband’s disposition to it, God is the one who created us, he can reduce your sexual drive and increase your husband a little in a way you both will be on the same Level sexually”…. I said

Another lady was about to give her own excuse, but I cut her short as I was not doing all this for confession sake, I had a motive…

“ My sisters, this meeting was not called to humiliate you or have you make your confessions to me, rather I wanted to show you where you all have missed it, It is a sad thing that our own pastor has a problem and the women of his church are the ones adding pepper to his open sore. The amazing thing about God is that God might be giving His servant a long rope, but what about us who are aiding him in his act, do we have that length of rope of Grace?….
Pastor Maggie thought she could expose the decay of her husband, but she didn’t live to tell the story. That tells me something which is written in the scripture “God is not after the destruction or disgrace of a sinner but repentance”. Therefore, I don’t intend disclosing this material to anyone, but rather I want you all to retrace your steps back to God and help our pastor by being unavailable to him” I said

At that point, I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room, as my sitting room became a small revival ground, the 6 women laid on the ground weeping and asking God for Mercy….

Together, we wept and prayed. I wept because I knew I was not a saint either as I was also led by greed in the past…

We were together for up to four hours under the mighty hand of the HolyGhost.

The women returned to their homes, and Apostle returned later in the evening.

The next day, during the Sunday service, I looked around for the women, only two of them came for the service. I knew instantly we had lost some members, but I was not bothered as that was better than the hypocrisy in the house of God.

We returned home as usual after service, without saying anything to ourselves, but the moment we stepped into the living room, all hell was let loose as usual…

“ What have you done or said to my women, they have not been picking my calls or replying my chats since yesterday and just now, Mrs Beecroft sent me a message that she was no longer interested in me!, What have you done?” He said screaming on top of His voice

“ God led me to speak to them on your behalf” I said

“ You did what?”


continues in part 31