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Everyday Life With Jesus Christ January 28 ,2019


JANUARY 28, 2019.




Text : Luke 18:1

And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;


This is a very deep message. The reason why I said it's very deep is anything that concerns prayer is something that is very essential for everyone.


Prayer is an important part of a Christian life. And because prayer is so essential Jesus said, "Men ought always to pray." But for a prayer to be effective, it must be of a certain kind; it must possess some certain characteristics in order to render it acceptable unto God.


It is one thing to pray and another thing to pray according to the will of God. There are lots of prayers that travels every minute each day. But it is not every prayer that is prayed that receives an answer, because the prayer men pray most of the time may oppose God's standard, will and plan for their lives.


When you see a small place, like a shop with people gathered together - holding hands together, you will ask yourself this question, "What are they doing?" They are praying.

If you see a church that organize program, what is the purpose of that program? It's because they want to pray.


In every religion of life, each pray to his God - even though we know the only true God is Jesus Christ. But what I'm trying to say is that, every religion believes in prayer. Any religion outside Christ is a waste of time and leads to destruction because it is only through Jesus that we get an answer to prayer.


Of course, the religions that we have in the world make some prayers to the devil that they call god and will receive an answer to their requests. Do you know the devil hears the prayers of his children? That's why you see those magicians make some incantations and things will happen.


But what I'm trying to drive out is this: The only true way to heaven is Jesus Christ and the only person through which we can receive answers to prayer is through Jesus Christ - not even through Mary or a prophet or any personality or even Angel, but ONLY through Jesus Christ.


We have a lot of people that are praying - they are going through some things that they want God to deliver them from. I believe some of you have been praying to God on some issues. Some have been praying to God for six years, three years, four years and shockingly twenty years on one issue and yet do not receive answer to their prayer. Some are even confused and they ask themselves this question; "Does God still answers prayer?"


Now let me ask you that question: "Does God still answers prayer?"

Yes, the Lord still answers prayer because the Bible says, "Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever." But the problem is this: many prayers are not prayed according to the will of God. I repeat it again: Many prayers are not prayed according to God's will.


Prayer ; anything in my life , stopping answer to prayer,  die in Jesus Christ name.


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