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Daily Spiritual Tonic 13 July, 2019




*Please help to share this God ordained Tonic on Facebook and tag as many friends as possible and equally share to your contact on Whatsapp and The God of this commission will not only be interested in your matter but he will be fully involved in Jesus name!*


HURRAH! Daily Spiritual Tonic Write up is 4 years, and to be marked with a 7 HOURS PRAISE CONCERT TAGGED GOD OF WONDERS... 99 DAYS TO GO




Esther 9:22 "As the days wherein the Jews rested from their enemies, and the month which was turned unto them from sorrow to joy, and from mourning into a good day: that they should make them days of feasting and joy, and of sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor"


I pray that God will give you rest from battle that you have been fighting since your birth today as you are resting on this weekend in Jesus name! You shall have rest over whatsoever that have been troubling your soul in Jesus name! Anyone trying to tamper with your peace of mind shall be given a high level of trouble and frustration that will knock him/her off balance in Jesus name!


I decree today into your life that the voice that parted the red sea and brought water out of a rock will open doors of unimaginable blessings for you and your household in Jesus name! Every unpleasant event that is causing you pain and tears shall be converted to miracle for you in Jesus name! I release fresh glory that will completely terminate your past ugly stories in Jesus name!


I prophesy as directed that no enemy shall drag you down from that height that took you several years to attain in Jesus name! And anyone that has vowed to drag you down to prove a point or to occupy your place shall not succeed in Jesus name! I speak prophetically that the Lord God Almighty shall take you to that new height that you are eyeing and praying for with ease in Jesus name!


I see God releasing a renewed strength upon someone that has been climbing a particular mountain with difficulty and I had a voice spoke to me which says I am giving you strength needed to climb that your mountain to the top. Thus saith the Lord of host "There shall be fresh leaves upon all your trees to replace the dried and dead ones". I am led to tell someone to ensure he/she fulfill that his/her long vow before the end of this year so that next year will be full of celebration for the said person. (The said person has also be told something related to this recently)


I prophesy with the decree of heaven from this mountain that all your request from January 1st to yesterday Friday 12th that has yet to manifest shall come to speedy manifestation before the end of the year of the third quarter of this in Jesus name! You shall end this year with a better story to tell and not with that your old battle that is producing the insipid old stories in Jesus name!


I decree prophetically, from today, the armies of the Lord of Host will showcase your territory of glory that failure and suffering had covered to His glory in Jesus mighty name!


Finally, I decree in the name that is above every other name that as it was impossible for anyone to delay you in the womb of your mother the day you were born, no one will be able to deny you of your greatness from henceforth in Jesus name! So shall it be unto you if you believed and keyed into all the prayers and declarations in the name of God The Father, Son and The Holyghost in Jesus name I decreed, declared and prophesied!


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Happy Weekend, Thanks and God bless from *Michael Olayemi Okikiola aka Holyghostkoboko (The Vissionaire of The Spiritual Tonic Write up cum Outreach)*