That moment a sister began to run around her room shouting, “My father, my father, wherever my husband is, let him arise and locate me now in Jesus name…”

Sister Grace continued her prayer until her phone beeped. She ignored it and continued until her phone rang and stopped before she picked it.

The international number made her to stop praying immediately.

“+354…Which country code is this?” She thought to herself and googled it.
“What! Iceland!” Grace read the text message from the same caller.

“Hi, I’m Charles. And you? God bless you.”

Grace’s eyes lit up with great surprise and changed her prayer point immediately, “My father, my father, every power that wants to stand on my way to success, be destroyed…”

After a while, she sat down and began to praise God for the answered prayers.

She checked her facebook page and other social media to search for “Charles from Iceland”. After fruitless search on the net, she called one of her friends to enquire about Charles. Kate only remembered Charles who was their college mate and resided in Australia.

“What happened?” Kate asked her.

“I guess God is, I believe God is saying something about him”

“Grace, be careful and pray well. God bless you” She ended the call.

Grace decided to reply him and the waiting game began. Her phone became her best friend as she checked every minute to see if he has replied.

During the Bible study later that evening, her mind was divided listening to the Pastor and checking her phone. It got to a point where the Pastor cried out, “Island of Patmos.. That was the place Apostle John received the revelation…”

Grace’s ultrasensitive ears picked those words and wrote down “Island of Patmos…John received a revelation.” She thought for a moment and wrote down, “Iceland… Where the revelation of my husband is coming from. Wow!”

The Bible study ended. The only revelation she caught was Island of Patmos. “Isn’t God wonderful?”, she asked herself. At quarter to 11, her phone began to ring and the force with which she grabbed it pushed the glass cup beside it. The broken pieces littered the room but she was determined to answer the call anyway.

“Hello… I’m Grace. And you?”

“I know you are Grace. Is everything OK?”

“Oh, Mum. Em.. How are you doing?”

“I couldn’t sleep. The Holy Spirit told me to warn you against taking any step without proper counsel. Please, be careful.”

She later ended the call with sadness written on her face. She rose up and prayed, “Oh Lord, every ancestral power against my travelling out of this country, be scattered in Jesus name…”

Grace slept off while praying and the beautiful sun woke her up in the morning. When she got to her workplace, George greeted her but no response from her.

George has proposed to her but the only reason she refused him was his no future ambition to travel out of the country.

“I’m in God’s hand and wherever He leads me I will go” was his constant reply to her. As for Grace, George has no future.

The waiting game continued until the third day when she tried his number again and it went through.


The line went off again. The frustration was building up until she received the long awaited response from Charles two days later. She was elated as she read the lovely message from him.

“Grace, walking on a lonely path and I came across my pretty peacock displaying her beauty. I couldn’t take my eyes off you until a dove landed on my right shoulder and whispered, “Grace”.

She lay on the bed while daydreaming of Charles who hasn’t sent his pictures. To grab this opportunity, Grace sent her recent beautiful pictures. Talking about beauty, Grace carried that aura of class and beauty that surpassed that of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan of Bollywood.

Weeks rolled on and three months gone already and their relationship took a new level. Charles decided to come to her country and formalize their relationship. During their long-distance relationship, Charles introduced her to various filthy sites. Devoted Grace descended into showing her body to this stranger all in the name of love and long-distance relationship. He even requested for her intimate videos which she obliged. Each time she came up with the biblical stand on their secret, dirty relationship, Charles would be crying that he might end his life if she didn’t feed him with her erotic pictures and videos.

On the day of his arrival, she was already at the airport early waiting for him. The supposed flight landed and no trace of Charles was found. She panicked but shrugged off the thought of betrayal. After all, he has promised her heaven and earth. She waited in vain for more than seven hours.

By the time she got home, her morale has gone down completely. She called his WhatsApp number again only to discover that she has been blocked. Charles didn’t give her any other contacts. Her world started crumbling down as the reality began to dawn on her. No one to turn to as she kept it secret.

Depression set in until the day she received a strange text message to send equivalence of 2000 Icelandic króna or else, her videos and pictures would be released for the world to see. The fear that gripped her sent her to the peak of suicidal mountain. Nothing else mattered to her as she thought about her family, reputation in the church as a choir leader and her dream of becoming a queen in her future home and carry the gospel to the ends of the world through her music.

She battled this strange thought for five days while Charles kept threatening her day by day. She reached a conclusion to end her life by drinking a poison. She locked the door, took the bottle and opened it. After thinking for a while, she gulped it and waited to die. Lo and behold, there was a knock on her door.

“Grace… Grace… Open the door!”

After some minutes, she opened the door and threw herself over Kate’s shoulder and wept like a baby.

“Kate, you deceived me!”

Kate didn’t utter a word but comforted her. Grace poured her heart out with regrets and fear.

“I knew you were up to something when you requested for a potent rat poison and God enabled me to figure it out. I gave you lemon juice instead of a poison.” Kate confessed.

Grace confessed her ordeals and for disappointing God. Instead of condemnation, Kate encouraged and prayed for her restoration. She came back to Jesus after repenting of her sins.

Just then another text message came in warning her for the last time. Kate confided in their Pastor and his wife and prayer was offered to the Lord on her behalf.

Like the way biblical Pharaoh released the children of Israel from Egypt, Charles stopped threatening her after he sent a message three days later describing how a strange being appeared to him in a dream warning him to desist, or else he would die. Thus, Grace was delivered from the grip of Charles but not without her deep scars.

She went for deliverance from the bondage of masturbation and pornography. She was encouraged to cut off from every appearance of evil and keep walking in the liberty of Christ Jesus. She began to grow in the Lord and God was with her.

She came closer to Kate and other genuine believers for the sake of accountability and safety.

The Bible says in Proverbs 11:14 “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.”

This Bible verse became her guide as she continued her journey to heaven. Two brothers came along the way but after prayers and counselling, God saved her again as they were after her beauty and to sleep with her.
She stood her ground until Arnold came along. He was a genuine believer and their chemistry clicked after seeking God’s face. They got married and the door opened for them to travel out to Namibia for two years and thereafter to Sweden. God increased their family and her music ministry soared with mighty testimonies of God’s power.

Beloved, what are you doing on the social media? Accepting the friends’ requests of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Building your castle in the air with a total stranger all in the name of “God works in diverse ways” is dangerous. It may be true, but what has God said to you?

Don’t share your pictures, videos or private matters with just anybody. Be careful!

This is technology age and things are happening. Be wise and move closer to God.

Are you confused? Pray and seek counsels from mature believers. Don’t isolate yourself.

Depression is real!! Seek help and don’t endanger your life.

Jesus Christ is a faithful friend. Give your life to Him. In Him, there is fullness of joy.

Heed every warning from your family or believers for God may be passing a message across to you.

God will restore your lost years and opportunities and complete your testimonies very soon.

He will settle you maritally and you will fulfil your purpose in Jesus name.

Be patient and be obedient to God.
It pays to serve Jesus!
-By Olumide Fatusin


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