I remember speaking with someone who was about boarding her flight to travel.In the midst of the call, the person just told me “Sir,I have to go now for they just announced my flight ready for take off”…

Irrespective of my reply she hung the call and zoomed off…

One of the benefits of Vision is DISCIPLINE.

When they say your flight is so so time, Everything about you is under control to meet up time.

You abadon friends,Food, Meetings and every other engagements just to catch up with thy flight.

Beloved,The flight of Destiny and Eternity in Heaven is about taking off yet many are still loitering around,jesting and doing nothing to show that they don’t want to miss the flight.

I know our problem, The Devil has Hijacked our Vision.

God cannot Impress a VISION in man’s heart and he is not under pressure of getting there.

That’s why whenever the Devil wants to kill a Man he Plugs his Eyes(Vision).

Despite the Philistines Knowing Samson’s strength was in his Hair they didn’t bother when his Hair Drew again because His eyes have Removed.

I Get burdened when I see how Indisciplined lots of Believers are;

They have no drive for Purity of life.

They have no crave for Knowing God by his word.

They see no need to Grow in Knowledge by studying Seasoned Books and making research.

They have no personal development scheme for their lives. They have my daily to do list.

All they do is to wake up from sleep, flip through their bibles (for the ones that study),mubble few Words in cold prayers and straight to their phones with enthusiasm all day surfing LEGITIMATE BUT UNPROFITABLE things….

While Many have a vicious circle of Rising and failing,Pornography today,Sex chats tomorrow, Revival conference next week that boast cleanses their Inner Man,then masturbation after three days…..

Not consistent victory over Sin

……And this has been a burden to me seeing a careless and sinful Generation having no sense of urgency in their Spirit Man.

And God’s reply to me is; Son, Demonic surgeons has removed the (Eyes)Vision of Destiny and Eternity from many of my Children.

Friend, When the DRIVE for God, Knowledge and Destiny seems slow and almost dying…..
Go to the Great Optometrist and cry unto him to fix thy Eye again.

Life is not a rehearsal that gives room for much Errors and PLAY but Real so Live that One life Pursing enthusiastically God and Destiny.

Let’s Pray!

Ihuoma Ifeanyi


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