~ In other to avoid the STRESS of Preparing a good meal for himself, Esau decided to sell his Birthright for a FAST FOOD @ Jacob’s Restaurant.

~ But Esau became an Eye saw, after eating from Jacobs Restaurant.

~ The Food is well Garnished and looks attractive, but you will end up paying with something that is worth more than the Prize of the Food you ate.

~ Ask Esau, the Bible says; “for he sought it out with tears…” Heb 12:17.

FAST FOOD turned him into a FAST FOOL.
~ Jacob’s Restaurant can only satisfy your appetite TEMPORARILY and at the same time, take away your Birthright PERMANENTLY.

~ Beware of any 5 minutes PLEASURE that will cause you to lose Costly TREASURES.
“lest there be any fornicator or profane person, as Esau who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright”
He 12:16

~ There are many Christians who have lost their Birthrights(salvation) through the FAST FOOD of Fornication in adultery or in other to secure a Job.

~ There are many Christian students who have sold their Birthrights with the FAST FOOD of “EXPO” because they wanted A’s

~ Many are Looking for the Fast means for everything, But one thing about God is that He has no Short cut…

Short Cut will cut short your Life…
If you rush, you will definitely pay the prize attached with rushing…

David was anointed King,yet he still went back to Tending Sheep because he knew there were much to be learnt….

In this Generation where everything seems FAST….
Fast Internet connection…. 4G
Fast Food
Fast Cars
Fast Ways of Making Money

We bring into into the ways and dealings of God, we think there are fast was of gaining the GENUINE ANOINTING…… Hmmmmmm

Beware of Jacob’s Restaurant , its still out there today….. But it’s now well garnished with Some Greek and Hebrew words to deceive even the very elect…..

Beware of Jacob’s Restaurant, it’s loaded with every meal to satisfy your selfish cravings…

I know you are afraid of the PROCESS involved in getting the GENUINE ANOINTING but it’s better you WAIT on GOD than to WASTE and GROAN.

Nothing Good comes easy…..

“The Longer you wait the HEAVIER YOUR WEIGHT”

While waiting please do the needful
Pursue Holiness and Righteousness
Persevere in Faith
Pause and Ponder on every word of God
Purposefully wait for the Infilling of the Spirit
Push unto Perfection!!!

Endure the PROCESS and you will end up enjoying PROGRESS.

*Don’t Skip the Process.*
*Endure it and Enjoy the Results*
*God bless you*

Bro. Chuks

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