Before Breakfast: Luke 9:49-50 November 27

Before Breakfast: Luke 9:49-50
November 27

“John said to Jesus; master, we saw someone using your name to cast out demons, but we told him to stop because he isn’t in our group’ But Jesus said ‘Don’t stop him! Anyone who is not against you is for you”
Luke 9:49-50 (NLT)

Despite the fact that the disciples have been with Christ and had been ardent followers, yet couldn’t cast out evil spirits from an only son of his father. (See Luke 9:40)
But in this account of Luke of today’s verses, they became jealous and envious of someone else who didn’t BELONG to their group; casting out demons by the name of Jesus.
Instead of them to be joyous about this MIRACLE, they tried to SILENCE him because they felt he didn’t belong to their GROUP.
This was perhaps borne out of their ego and pride; just to prove that they were the ones ‘permitted’ to perform this type of miracle.
The few lessons to be learnt:
●The manifestation of the gift of God in the lives of believers is not by title or recognition in the church.
●No denomination/church/ministry is more superior to others. Some brethren tend to look down on other churches and denominations which breeds discrimination. They don’t have the understanding of the fact that genuine churches/denominations are like vehicles conveying people to heaven, Christ being the sole driver.
●There shouldn’t be any form of condemnation of Spiritual exploits by other genuine churches and denominations.

No church is prefect yet, no Christian will be judged righteous or otherwise because of his/her church but based on our relationship with Almighty God.
However, church is an opportunity for each Christian to be in company of (and fellowship with) other children of God to receive instructions, true word of God and worship God together. Which church or group do you also belong??
The name of your G.O, Pastor or leader cannot save you but your stand with God.

There shouldn’t be any form of discrimination, envy, presumed difference in hierarchy among genuine churches/denominations; since we are all working towards achieving the same Heaven’s goal.

Good morning!

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