Before Breakfast:

Judges 6:11-12
November 2

“And there came an angel of the LORD and sat under an oak which was in Ophrah, that pertained unto Joash the Abi-ezrite: and his son Gideon threshed wheat by the winepress, to hide it from the Midianites. And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him and said unto him, the LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.”
Judges 6:11-12

The Lord delivered the children of Israel unto the hand of the Midianites for seven years to be tormented and punished because of the evil they did in the sight of God. (See verse 1)
But when they got fed up of their prevalence that resulted in their impoverishment, they cried to God for a way out and He heard them.
God decided to save them through a man who was unpopular nor with a good family background talkless of being considered by his people as a ‘deliverer’.
Even though Gideon was full of ‘potentials’ which was not noticed by any of his brethren, he himself didn’t belief in himself.
This was a man God sent an angel to, telling him of who he really was (-a mighty man of valour), he was not sure he fitted in for this ‘status’, for lack of courage and also considering his family background.
Many believers who could have done great exploits in the vineyard of God through their God-given potentials and abilities have relegated themselves for lack of courage and boldness to take steps with trust in God for ‘victory’.
Whenever God deposits potentials into a man for the advancement of His kingdom here on earth, it is not to be ‘caged’ out of fear or lack of courage but to take a bold step in utilising them through His support for great exploits.
This has nothing to do with position or status in the church nor our family, societal or educational background.

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