Before Breakfast: Genesis 39:9 December 1

Before Breakfast: Genesis 39:9
December 1

“There is none greater in this house than I, neither hath he kept back anything from me but thee, because thou art his wife: how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”
Genesis 39:9

Joseph was not only a slave in the house of Potiphar his master, but he was placed as a head over other slaves and was in control over everything as his master made him so; seeing that God’s presence was with him thus making everything in his care to become prosperous. (Verses 2-3)
Though the secret behind this was because Joseph ‘feared’ God and always sought to obey Him as he went on day by day!
In the verse for today, he was waylaid by his master’s wife for a secret sexual escapade but he refused to yield to his boss’ wife’s bidding.Even though no one would have known about this ‘secret affair’ and perhaps he would have stood a chance of great rewards from his master’s wife and also get more good recommendations by her.
Joseph knew it was against the wish of his master, but he was more concerned about how God would see him falling for this temptation.
He knew that nothing was hidden before God even though it is kept off the watch of men. He had the understanding that the reward of obeying his master’s wife could look palatable but it is momentary and the latter consequences of this sin could be more brutal and regrettable.
Joseph would have become and remained a “prime minister” in Portipha’s house and keep “enjoying”‘ his master’s properties and wife, but he wouldn’t have become the real Prime Minister that God destined him to become.
Secret sin is a destiny killer but those who indulge in it still thinks they are enjoying something or gaining something, meanwhile what they call gain is a meagre compare to what God has in stock for them.
It suffices to say that many believers today, discard the fear of God to compromise their stand in Him when faced with similar temptations because of momentary enjoyment, rewards and benefits; thereby sinning against God and forfeiting His blessings and benefits that by far outweigh human rewards thus suffering from the sin of disobedience to God.
We should always walk in total obedience to God’s command and bear in mind that nothing is hidden before Him even if men don’t see us commiting sin against Him.
It is not sinful to be faced with temptation; but it becomes a sin when it is being yielded to.
Let him that thinks he stands watch it, lest he fall.(1Cor.10:12)

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