Before Breakfast: Acts 19:15 November 5

Before Breakfast: Acts 19:15
November 5

“And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know and Paul I know; but who are ye?”
Acts 19:15

Apostle Paul was greatly used by God to perform special miracles and delivering the oppressed from the manipulation of evil spirits by the authority he had in Christ as he took the gospel of Christ from place to place.
But here came a time some seven sons of a certain Jew who was a chief priest tried to immitate Paul by casting out evil spirits using the name of Jesus. But alas! the name didn’t work for them but instead, they were openly overpowered and disgraced by the possessed man.
The seven sons of Sceva tried to use the name of Jesus they never had identity of.
There was no intimacy nor relationship with Christ talk less of accepting Him and believing in Him.
They felt the name of Jesus is like a recitation they can chant and it will work just as Paul was ‘using’ it.
They were ignorant of the fact that it only works for those who believe in His name and had developed an intimacy with Him. (See Mark 16:17).
No wonder the evil spirit replied them they KNEW Jesus and Paul and confronting them to identify themselves (for them to have that type of boldness to cast them out.see Phil.2:10).
That was why James admonished us to first submit ourselves to Him, then we shall have the authority to stand against the devil and his cohorts. (James 4:7)
The devil does not care if you are the best attendee in your church or full of titles that make people to respect/honour you, as long as you don’t have an identity of Christ and a sure intimacy with Him.

Good morning!

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