Before Breakfast: 2Samuel15:31 November 28

Before Breakfast: 2Samuel 15:31
November 28

“And one told David, saying, Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom. And David said, O LORD, I pray thee, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness”
2Samuel 15:31

Absalom, one of the sons of King David, was planning a coup to overthrow the Kingdom of his father David, thereby becoming the next king of Israel, even though God had informed David who was to succeed him as the king after him. (1Chr.28:6 )
Absalom had already won the hearts of some of the people who were increasing day by day thus becoming more loyal to him than David who was still on the throne.
But he knew he wouldn’t have been able to fully perfect his plans without the support of his father’s counsellor; Ahithophel, whose counsel was like revealing the mind of God on any obscure matter.
Eventually, Ahithophel’s heart was also won over to Absalom’s camp, perhaps because he had been promised a more juicy post by the time Absalom becomes the new king.
David knew about this plot and prayed to God to turn his counsel to foolishness; because by experience, David knew he could give the perfect and accurate counsel that could make Absalom’s desire come to a reality.
Alas! God answered the prayer of David and Ahithophel eventually committed suicide by hanging himself when his counsel was rejected. (2Samuel 17:23)
This marked the end of Ahithophel’s ‘ministry’ in Isreal.
The gift and talent God have given each and everyone of us is for the benefits and expansion of the church and to her advantage. (1Cor.12:7)
It suffices to say that many unfortunately use their spiritual gifts and talents to antagonise the advancement of the Church which is very dangerous.
It is better not to utilise these gifts and talents in us at all, than to use it in rebelling or conspiring against the church of God, whose consequences can be very destructive or fatal!

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