Consequences of pride in a marriage could be irreversible.

If anybody tells you that he/she has a perfect marriage, just know right away that he/she is a great liar.

Couples fight and fight badly for that matter, but it’s the ability to revise ones stand, communicate with respect, and be honest with each other, that determines the survival of marriage relationship.

If you remove pride and arrogance in your marriage relationships, the marriage is already 90% promising, stable, peaceful and can thus, stand the test of time.

Invest in your marriage through giving, taking and compromising here and there. Your business as a stakeholder should be what to do to make your home peaceful and stable for you, your spouse, and your children’s enjoyment.

Stop running to 3rd parties who equally have their own challenges they are probably hiding and managing. You may end up getting nothing positive or helpful from some friends, family members, church members, and colleagues to whom you are exposing or trading what should be the secrets of your home.

Broken home is like a war. No party goes uninjured. Each party goes with an injury they nurse for the rest of their lives. That is the reality. Whichever party claims unaffected/uninjured is a chronic liar, chronic pretender, and an unrepentant soul, l mean he/she is stone hearted.

Such a person has no idea of what a good home should be. He/she is ignorant of the positive impact of unbroken relationship on the home itself, the community, the church congregation, and the society at large. No amount of success in life could compensate for failure at home.

Ensure that your home is not scattered. Repair it now before it is too late. If your home is experiencing separation now, ensure that you shed your pride and compromise to arrest it from drifting to a broken home.

Stop narrating your home around to seek sympathy. Most people you have taken your story to, and are supporting you, are in their own homes, keeping their homes intact, sympathising with you, while you are are already out of your own home. .Most importantly, don’t stay in an abusive relationship, if it has turn to punching, stabbing and slaping, my sister and brother run as far as ur leg can carry u.

May God help and bless you.

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