, A GENUINE CHRISTIAN? (2) ‘The building is that storey building painted in blue beside the bungalow painted in Green colour’ The agent pointed to the house from a short distance as they alighted from the two bikes that took them there from the park. “I hope the house isContinue Reading

ARE YOU REALLY BORN AGAIN? (1) Sister Jane is the second child and the only female of four children. She was raised along her other brothers by strict parents with a good moral and Christian upbringing being active members of an orthodox Church where the father served as the presidentContinue Reading

I don’t know who authored this fantastic piece: it’s powerful, full of knowledge, wisdom & educative! Please take time to read it over and over again…. YOU CANNOT GET BY PRAYER WHAT YOU SHOULD GET BY CHARACTER & OBEDIENCE A man’s character is his fate. Heraclitus Thomas Jefferson, the thirdContinue Reading

DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL ALTARS By Dr.D.K. Olukoya Deliverance From Evil Altars Scripture: 1 Samuel 7:7-11, 1 Samuel 7:11, 1 Samuel 7:7 Denomination: Pentecostal Summary: In the Bible, altars are designed for sacrifices and not just for decoration (Exodus 20: 24). The Bible also described the various methods of constructing theseContinue Reading

My Wife Demands ‘bribe’ Before Sex, Says Pastor A 48-year-old pastor, Abayomi Adegboyega, is seeking dissolution of his 16-year-old marriage, alleging that his wife always demands `bribe’ from him before sex. Adegboye told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos State on Wednesday to end the marriage on grounds that hisContinue Reading

A Short Story by HALIMA MOSES A CURIOUSITY’S WORTH I have never loved superstition. I read the Bible and pray. These were a must growing up with my firebrand tongue speaking parents. I always thought I could speak in tongues too which I took seriously whenever I am alone. IContinue Reading