Just to enlighten you about midnight prayers. Most of us don’t understand why it’s important to pray in the midnight hour. May these points open your eyes and change your life. Truth about MIDNIGHT prayers: 1. MIDNIGHT is a time of transition, from one day to another. God can bringContinue Reading

How To Effortlessly Break Out Of Addictions In real life people are addicted to a whole lot of things; smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography and so on. Although some of these lifestyles are not directly spelt out as sin in the scriptures but as addictions they have ruined individuals, families,Continue Reading

For every examination, the examiner always sets the least qualifying mark called the Pass mark. This mark which could also be referred to as the ‘cut-off’ point varies from one examiner to the other. An examiner for example may set his examination and demand that a student should at leastContinue Reading