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Have you taken time to reflect on the Name Given to the book that Recorder the activities of the early church?

It was not Knowledge of the apostles
Neither was it called the Plans or analysis of the apostles

But it was called “ACTS OF THE APOSTLES”

The word “ACTS” means the Process of doing something or a Deed.

It is called book of ACTS because Men took Responsibility in becoming DOERS or acting on Jesus words.

Beloved, Jesus told them to tarry for the anointing and they ACTED that’s why we have ACTS CHAPTER ONE AND TWO.

Jesus taught to pray often and as Peter and John were in the process of ACTING on Jesus words on prayer by going to the temple at the third hour which is the hour of prayer they met the crippled Man at the gates and Miracle took place..

We have ACTS CHAPTER THREE because Men took responsibility in acting on Prayer and littered throughout the book of ACTS you would discover that every Recording was an ACTION based on knowledge of what Jesus instructing them hirtheto or currently.

In other words, Heaven could not have Recorder any thing about the apostles or the early church if it were only “Knowledge of the scriptures or written Plans on paper they had”

Dearly Beloved, I discovered that the major problem with this Generation is not deficiency of Knowledge.
Infact this Generation is more exposed to spiritual knowledge than any other Generation.

We have access to Seasoned books on PDF format from Generals of Faith, audio Bibles in our phones or laptops, myriads of Christian messages from different seasoned vessels of God on our Phone yet “WE ARE THE WORST SET OF CHRISTIANS CHRISTIANITY HAS EVER WITNESSED”.

We have listened to Many teachings on Purity of heart and how to overcome sin yet our hearts is the haven of LUST and all forms of sins because we don’t ACT.

We don’t cut from those filthy Relationships(Many souls are trapped by soul ties they know truth but emotion wouldn’t allow them and until you’re rugged with FLESH NO VICTORY OVER SIN), friends and films that drags our souls to the mud of sin.

We take no responsibility upon our self to DENY OUR SELVES FROM FLESHY LUSTS AND WORLDLY PLEASURES.

We have listened to Many teachings on the anointing and how to grow in the anointing yet we are DRY,COLD AND LUKEWARM as the dew that falls at night not because we don’t know what to do but because we don’t ACT.

We don’t put into practice consistent prayer life,Rich study of God’s Word and fasting life.

We are not discipline to sleep early so as carved at time and energy early in the morning to engage God at our prayer altar and study our Bibles before the day’s activities but we would waste our time online late at night chatting weightless matters and expect to host God’s fire… “With all due respect YOU ARE JOKERS and God don’t take jokers serious”.

We have listened to myriads of teaching on Success in different endeavours of our lives yet we are failures in our marriages, academics and ministries not because we don’t know but we don’t ACT.
We don’t ACT on the words of time management,We have no discipline with our time,No Daily task and planning and no orderliness in this our one and single life.
No diligence and hardwork to whatever our hands find doing but we are busy wasting our lives on Frivolities.

We boast “Ah! I have listened to almost all the messages of this Man of God.His messages are powerful but our lives are directly inproportional to the teachings of the Man of God.

There Is a Great Gap Between Knowledge and ACTION and the book of James 1:22 said;
“that any one who have Knowledge of the word without ACTING Is a DECEIVER”

That’s to say the Gap between the Knowledge you possess and corresponding Action of that Knowledge Is the measure of “SELF DECEPTION”.

Beloved, I leave you with an advice;

If you do just 10% of all those RHEMA you jotted down in a book you learnt from God directly or Men your life would change tremendously in all facet of life.

Beloved, Don’t be lazy with Personal discipline unto Holiness or lazy towards prayer,study and fasting life,Or lazy towards Researching in the area God has called you for Laziness Is Never one of the GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT but learn to take Responsibility to be a DOER OF GOD’S WORD.

Until you begin to ACT on what God has revealed to you in times past or what is revealing correctly or what he would reveal in future your life would never offer God a page to write upon with his ink to bless our Generation.

Take Responsibility to be Disciplined in all Ramifications…


(+2347038482307) Ihuoma Ifeanyi

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