‘The building is that storey building painted in blue beside the bungalow painted in Green colour’ The agent pointed to the house from a short distance as they alighted from the two bikes that took them there from the park. “I hope the house is decent and neat to live in and how about the kind of tenants staying there ?though the house looks okay from the exterior but I don’t want to conclude just based on what we are seeing from the outside” Jane quried the agent as they were approaching the building.
Before the agent could answer the questions Jane was asking him, her phone rings”Hello Dad, the journey was fine, infact we are just getting to the building when you called but will call back shortly after checking it out to let you know my decision about it.’ Jane replied her dad who trying to be sure she had got to the place and needed her to make up her mind or better still get an alternative so she could immediately come back home same day to make arrangements for the necessarry things she would need and settle down for her registrations and lectures having sorted out the accommodation issue.
‘I have been managing this building for the past 12 years after the Landlord built it and handed it over to me after been recommended to him by one of my clients. The Landlord is based in Lagos and this is the least of the houses he has scattered around this city and even in Lagos’ Oga, I am not asking you about who built the house or how many houses he built, you havent still answered my questions’ Jane cuts in…
“What I was actually saying is that I can vouch for the tenants there and I promise you that you wont have any issues with them. Each one of them mind their business and I believe you wont always be at home talkless of having anything that will join you with them.”The agent assured her.”This is the room, as you can See, the place is well kept as it was occupied by a student like you”the agent continued to show her other parts of the house she needed to know about.”This is the kitchen reserved for five of you on this line and the other kitchen is meant for the other five tenants on the side opposite yours.” Jane was patently following the agent as he continued to show her other parts. Though, she was skeptical about taking the room but wanted the agent to finish showing her the toilet and bathroom before concluding.”Come, let’s get to See the bathroom and the toilet’ the agent told her as she also followed him like a student taking some lectures from her lecturer.”This is the toilet and the bathroom, just like I told you about the kitchen, the five of you the the right side use this toilet and bathroom while the other toilet and bathroom opposite are used by the tenants opposite you at the left side”
The agent told her waiting for her expression.”Oh, lets I forget, there is water running from a borehole drilled By the Landlord. You don’t need to stress yourself about getting water to cook,bathe or wash clothes/plates” The agent concluded waiting to get her feedback on his ‘house exhibition’.” Thank you very much, I really appreciate your efforts. The house is fairly okay but my major concern is how to cope with the co-tenants due to how we were raised. I will think about it and my dad will get back to you. It’s already 1:20pm and I need to travel back home today.I need to be on my way back now, we will get back to you this evening or latest tomorrow morning” Jane told the agent as she bid him goodbye.”Alright Jane, send my regards to your dad, will be waiting for your/his on whatever you conclude on.

Did Jane conclude on taking the room?
What was his parents’ stand on it?
Continues in part 3.

-Solomon Omitogun
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