Jane bought all the necessarry things with some foodstuff and provisions ready for school the third day. She had woken up as early as 5am to tidy up her things so she could leave as early as possible to enable her have enough time to clean the room rented for her and get set for the registration process the next day being Thursday.
“Sorry I need to be at work on time today, I would have ‘dropped’ you at the park on my way to work, you may need to get a taxi to the park so that it will be more convenient for you…” Her dad pleaded with her after their devotion as he rushed to the bathroom to take his bath.”There is no problem dad but I will surely miss home” Jane replied as she was trying to gather her loads together in the sitting room.
By 6.45am, she was already set to be on her way to school
as her mum tried to re-echo the words of advice into her hearing:”Please, don’t forget all the talks I had with you, know the child of who you are and never get influenced negatively by bad friends. More importantly, be a good ambassador of Christ. Let His nature be reflected in you…”Her mum was trying to encourage her to be well-behaved and represent the family and Christ well when she get to school as she cut in:”Mum, you have been saying this over and over but you should know the type of child you have, I promise I wont disappoint you” She replied as she was trying to check her loads again to be sure she was not forgetting any thing.
Her mum called their last born to assist her sister with some of the loads to where she would get a taxi to the park and around 7am she went as she bid her mum goodbye.”Please call me as soon as you arrive their, may the presence of God go with you and always be with you in Jesus’ name!” Her mum prayed as she was struggling with the loads and her younger brother assisting with the one he could carry.”Amen! Thank you mum, will call you as soon as I arrived there” Jane replied as she was going out with the loads.
Though the journey was smooth but Jane was full of anxiety and the thought of how she would adapt to the new system, especially how to cope using the kitchen, toilet and bathroom with other tenants as well as the challenge of coping with lectures and being able to graduate with a ‘first class’
She got to the newly rented apartment with the help of the ‘okada man'(motorcycle rider) who assisted her with some of the loads as she tried to carry her loads,to the room just rented.”Thank you very much oga, for your kind gesture” Jane appreciated the ‘okada’ rider for helping her with some of the loads as she gave him his money.
One of the tenants living opposite her room who is a full housewife called mummy Junior noticed her arrival and tried to welcome her “Welcome o, na you just rent this house? You be new student? Wetin be your name sef?she asked in pidgin English since that is the best way she could communicate aside in her native language as she hailed from Akwa Ibom(One of the states in Nigeria) but married to an Anambra man who rides ‘okada’ to and fro campus and sometimes shuttles within the city especially when students are on holiday.”Yes am a new student just being admitted, my name is Jane” she replied her but with the thought of how she would continue to cope with such a
person in the house because she already perceived mummy Junior will be a troublesome person by the way she approached her.
She then clean up the room, scrubbed the floor and took time to arrange her belongings in the room.
She then went to a nearby market to get a mini mattress and some other few things she would also need.
By the time she was through, she was already tired and exhausted and had to sleep earlier around 8pm so she could have enough night rest and prepare for the next day’s activities in school.
The following day, being Thursday, she woke up very early to take her bath before any of the tenants woke up so she wouldnt have any reason to interract with any one of them.
As soon as she got to the Campus, she went straight to the admin area to make enquiries about the office to do credential verification before proceeding to other offices the necessarry documentations and medical tests.
“Hello sister, are you a new student?” A brother who was presumed to be one of the Campus’ fellowships from his look and comportment asked Jane from behind.”Yes…” Jane replied.”Oh..you are welcome, my name is Shola and I am in 300level. We are here to guide new students having challenge in their registrations through and to also assist anyone having accommodation issue so they can be in a temporary accommodation provided by the fellowship.” He tried to introduce himself and asked if he could be of help in his little way or by his ‘fellowship’.”Thanks I already have an accommodation offcampus but this is my first time for registration, please what are the stages and where do I need to go first?” Jane asked with the expression of someone who is confused.”Oh I see, the first stage is credentials’ verification which is done in Room 204, then you go to Room 207 with the photocopies of your credentials for filling. Afterwards, you go to room 301 to make payments for medical tests then go to the school clinic with your receipts for the test and then come to room 207 with the result in sealed envelope. If you have any further assistance, be free to call me on this number in this flier” Shola tried to explain all she needed to do and even gave her a flier of the program coming up the weekend saturday and sunday By 5pm each day. The program was organised the school’s Joint Campus Fellowship(JCF)”.

Jane thanked Bro.Shola as she was perusing the flier to check the information details per the venue, time and speaker.”Thank you very much I really appreciate and I promise to be in the program” She replied him to appreciate his kind gesture as she went ahead for the registration processes as she had been briefed.

What happened next?

The story continues in part 5

Written By Solomon Omitogun

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