Jane got back home about 7.35pm same day after the house inspection. “Welcome Jane, how was your trip and I hope you are okay with the room you went to check?” her mum asked as she entered the sitting room.”The journey was fine except for some traffic congestions that made it boring for me….well am still thinking about whether I can cope staying in that house as I don’t know how I will be able to cope sharing kitchen, toilet and bathroom with other tenants as you know that we were not raised that way” she replied her mum.”But you need to make up your mind on time because myself and your dad have been very worried that you should have settled down in school to focus on registrations and lectures…since you are not going their for luxury but to get your degree with a good grade, I will suggest you accept it so you can concentrate with your studies or did the agent give you an alternative?” Her mum was trying to persuade her to make up her mind and go for the accommodation because time was running out.”Okay mum I heard you but please let me go and take a shower as I think over it again” she replied her mum as she made her way towards the room to change her dress to take her bath.
About 15 minutes later, her dad came in while talking to one of the church members over the phone.
“No you are not supposed lay your hand on your wife for any reason talkless of beating her to a pulp….wait, Bro. Johnson, you don’t need any justification whatsoever, no matter what she did to you.” Jane’s dad tried to interrupt Bro. Johnson while he was trying to defend his stand on why he beat his wife having been briefed about the incidence by the church pastor since Bro.Johnson. was the current secretary of the church’s men’s fellowship. The conversation was on over the phone as Jane’s mum was curious to get the full details of what happened between Bro.Johnson’s and his wife.”Listen Bro.Johnson, you are holding a very sensitive post in the church and this is part of the reason why you should be a good example to the rest of the men, especially to those who are just growing up in the faith. Moreso, you know you are one of those recommended for deaconship ordination coming up in a month’s time. God forbid us to ordain a ‘ Mike Tyson’ as a deacon.The Bible says in 1 Timothy 3:10 ‘Before they are appointed as deacons, let them be closely examined. If they pass the test, then let them serve as deacons(NLT)., so we may have a rethink about your recommendation except the right thing is done….it’s okay Bro.Johnson, please you and your wife should meet me and pastor after the Bible study service tomorrow” Jane’s dad ended the call to greet his wife who had been patiently waiting to get the full details of what happened between him and his wife because she was shocked to know that Bro.Johnson who looked diligent in the Church without the thought of him hurting a fly is a wife beater.
“Welcome dear, what happened between Bro.Johnson and his wife that necessitated beating?” Jane’s mun asked in curiosity.”You see dear, though the wife was at fault though I don’t want to go into the details of what transpired but her fault was overlooked because of the beating. I learnt lately that Bro.Johnson has anger management issue and any little thing could trigger anger in him. Thank God this came up at this time, maybe we need to have a re-think about his recommendation for being ordained as the deacon, though the pastor has the final say on that as he is led By the Holy Spirit. Maybe God will use it to work on his life to get remolded to conform to His will” Jane’s dad briefed the wife.”Hmmmm, man actually looks at the outward appearance but God focuses more on the heart….anyway Jane is back and have been talking to her about the reason for her to make up her mind on the accommodation issue so she can settle down on time to concentrate on her registrations and studies but it seems she is still skeptical about it, please talk to her” Jane’s mum told her husband.”Is she inside?” asked her husband”Yes she went to take her bath and she should have been through by now” replied Jane’s mum.”Jane….!, her dad called.” Yes, dad, welcome sir..I didnt know you are back” Jane responded as she came to meet her parents sitting in the sitting room.”You see, I don’t need you to take eternity before deciding if you will take the accommodation or not, your mum have briefed me about the state of the house which is not bad. You are not going there to live forever and you shouldnt live luxurios lifestyle so you wont be too confortable to loose focus of why you are in school. By the time you are through with an excellent grade and by God’s grace with a good Job and godly husband, you can then live more comfortably with all the luxury you desire.
So please, manage the room so you wont waste more days at home while your mates are almost rounding off with registrations” Jane’s dad had to persuade Jane while her mum was nodding her head intermitently in agreement.Then her mum cuts in:”you should also remember the child of who you are and don’t neglet the place of God in your life, relate well with your fellow students, lecturers and even your co-tenants maybe God will use it also to prepare you on how to relate well with people when you evetually graduate and start working””Alright dad and mum, I have agreed to take the accommodation, I pray God to help me cope o” Jane replied her parents as she sluggishly agreed.
Jane’s dad then called the agent to inform him her daughter is interested in the room and he promised Jane to give her money to buy all the things she will need so she can travel down to school the third day to pack to the house offcampus and settle down and start her registration and start lectures with her mates.

When Jane resumed school, something unforgetable happened to her…
What really happened?

Watch out for part 4

Written By Solomon Omitogun
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