Sister Jane is the second child and the only female of four children.
She was raised along her other brothers by strict parents with a good moral and Christian upbringing being active members of an orthodox Church where the father served as the president of the Church’s men’s fellowship and the mother was more or less like the ‘right-hand’ of the pastor’s wife due to the roles played by standing in for the pastor’s wife whenever she got engaged with some other Church’s functions or other unavoidable family/personal matters.
Though Jane had been part of the choir from the age of fourteen because of her special talent of singing, she didnt really know what it meant to be born again.
She hardly had friends aside fellow choir/Church members perhaps because of her no-nonsense dad who always forbid his children from keeping bad friends that could easily influence them negatively and tarnish the image of the parents who were holding sensitive posts in the Church.
When Jane was 16years old, she did her WAEC exam and enrolled for JAMB same year filling an application for admission in one of the state owned Universities.
Fortunately for her, she made her papers once and got 259 in JAMB.
Though she wasnt admitted for her preferred course but got admitted into another dept. with less competition after obtaining a change-of-course form.
Since she didnt have the opportunity of mixing with others right from her elementary to her secondary school period, she felt it would be better to rent a room offcampus where she will have her privacy and wont get worried about coping with staying with about 7 other students in a hostel room of 8 students.
She was able to persuade her parents who also saw reasons tenable enough for her to stay off-campus.
The dad put a call through to One of the agents to help get an accommodation offcampus for her daughter, Jane and as a matter of urgency so she could finalise her school and departmental registration process and settle down for lectures starting in a week’s time and the school is in a neigbouring state of about 5 to 6 hours journey.
With all frantic efforts put in by the agent to get a befitting one-room self contain apartment by the agent within the short stipulated time, he couldnt get any nearby the school as most were already occupied by students staying off-campus and mostly working class bachelors living in the area.
It was as if the agent had not been put on such kind of pressure as Jane’s dad called incessantly to ask about updates as Jane needed to travel down to school in two days to finalise her registration process and start lectures with other students at the stipulated time.
When the pressure was becoming much for the agent by Jane’s dad, he tried to persuade him about an only option of a tenement house he had been in charge for a long time. It is a neatly built 20-room one story building (With 10 rooms each on the ground floor and up-floor)which could be confused to be flats when viewed from outside.
One of the tenants who was a student just vacated the room after rounding off her undergraduate program in the school.
There were other 3 female students living in the house who were still running their programs in the school but the remaining tenants were mostly couples and most of the husbands were artesans or okada riders who transport off-campus students to and fro Campus.
Some of the women in the house were petty traders while two of them were full house wives.
The agent summoned the courage to call Jane’s dad to inform him about the only option at his disposal and after much persuasion, Jane’s dad agreed to go for it, but on one condition…Jane herself have to go check it if she would be okay by it.
The following day, as early as 6am, Jane left home to inspect the house and she was able to connect the agent when she got to the park around 11.15am.
When they got to the house for the inspection….

What was her expression?
Did she like the house?
What did she do to the agent?

The story continues….
Written By Solomon Omitogun

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