A Fervant Hatred. (Psalms 97:10)


OCT 11, 2018.


Psalms 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

A good Christian is a good hater. “You who love the Lord — hate evil.” This is an age of toleration. Almost any false doctrine may be preached — while many of the religious teachers of so-called orthodoxy, plod on their way indifferently.

Error thrives, a multitude of souls are deceived, but many seem but little concerned. Evil raises its head everywhere and sneers at the Christian people.

Dens of vice, gambling-houses, lewd picture-shows, and a hundred other forms of evil are tolerated and even looked upon as “necessary evils” by religious professors. But he who really loves God — just as truly hates all evil.

He so hates it in himself, that he will give it no place in his heart or life. He hates it in others. He sees no pleasant thing in it. To him it is foul, vile, and revolting! Sin is his enemy — and he is its bitter foe.

The measure of his love for good, is the measure of his hatred for evil. We cannot love the good, more than we hate the evil. The two exactly balance in our lives.

A burning love, a burning zeal, and a burning hatred — will make your life as a beacon-light to the world.

If you would be a true example of what God means men to be — you must have this fervency in your life. It alone can keep you from coldness. It alone can make you a prosperous, victorious Christian!

Prayer : My hatred for evil , receive fresh fire of fervency in Jesus Christ name.

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