A Short Story by HALIMA MOSES

A CURIOUSITY’S WORTH I have never loved superstition. I read the Bible and pray. These were a must growing up with my firebrand tongue speaking parents. I always thought I could speak in tongues too which I took seriously whenever I am alone.

I have been raised to think good and not evil of everyone. Thus, it could mean a conflict of understanding the first time I saw ‘ her’. She is said to be blind and actually looks blind but then she looks straight into the eyes of her benefactor and states the specific amount she wants for a tip. Thus a day came when curiosity got the best of me and I decided to investigate the said blind woman to see what she was all about.

I got a shock in store waiting for me. I watched as the other shop owners began to fold their wares ready to close for the day. I instructed my assistant to do the same while I kept my eyes set on the ‘ blind’ woman. She also closed ‘work’ and made her way out of the market through the front gate.

I followed at steady pace so as not to attract undue attention from her. She went straight on the side walk without wavering or staggering. Impressive, seeing that she made no use of a walking stick neither was she led by anyone. She rounded a bend and stopped abruptly I did the same at my safe distance and waited. She undid the dirty wrapper around her chest.

I thought she wanted to count the money she keeps within it’s folds but then like a miracle she flung the wrapper away and what I saw made my heart slam against my chest. The ‘blind’ woman immediately jumped from the neck of a younger girl who apparently carries her on the shoulder through out the day. The blind woman isn’t blind but a cripple carried by a real blind girl who looked helpless at a glance.

I was still trying to assimilate what I had just seen when the ‘blind’ woman turned and immediately began to scream and point in my direction. The actual blind young girl sprang and charged at me but then stopped when the ‘blind’ woman said something incoherent to her. The young girl stooped so the ‘blind’ woman can climb unto her shoulders as usual. This they did with deft accuracy. I was too shocked to move until they charged at me. The venomous look on the supposed ‘blind’ woman’s face triggered my instincts to run. I turned around the way I came to bolt when I felt something like a sack thrown down my head.

It blocked my vision and I stumbled and fell, but before I hit the hard ground I called on the name of God.

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