Knowing Satan Enough to Resist him.

-Edem Odiong


Many christians today bind Satan, cast him, but they do not know him, his nature, nor how he operates.
So they without knowing still carry his marks and properties, that will ultimately lead to hell.
Others just walk around ignorantly.

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world, he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him.” KJV.

Who is Satan?
Satan is a created being, and was once one of God’s most precious arch angels, who served in God’s presence until sin and pride took over him. Isa14:12-15, Ezek28:13-15.
Satan mean many things; resister, rebel, adversary, accuser etc.
His other names are;
*the Devil, Matt4:1-8, 1Pet5:8, Rev12:9.
*Lucifer, Isa14:12.
*god of this world,2Cor4:3-4.
*prince of this world, Jn12:31, 14:30.
*evil one, Matt13:19.
*the tempter 1Thess3:5.
*accuser of the brethren, Rom12:10.
*serpent/dragon, Rev12:9, Gen3:1.

Is Satan a real personality or the evil side of humans as many claim?

Satan is a real spirit being.
God recognised him, Job1:6-11.
Prophets of old recognised him, Zech3:1-2.
Jesus Christ knew him, Mk1:13, 4:15, Lk10:18.
Apostles recognised him Acts26:18, Rev12:9.
Yes Satan is as real as God is real, believe me, and many that deny this are satanic agents themselves.

Satan’s nature;
God’s nature is LIFE, eternal LiFE, and light, Jn3:16, 5:26, 1:4, while
Satan’s nature is death, spiritual death, and darkness Heb12:14, Rom5:12-.

Satan is the author of sin, of all miseries, all sorrows and has power of deseases. He is also the originator and master of lies, Gen3:1-5, Jn8:44.
He is the king of the angels in abyss and ruler of the dark host of hell, Col1:12-13.
He is also the originator of worldliness, newage religions, murders, terrorism and anything contrary to the Word of God.

Beloved, are you still wallowing in pride, you see yourself more than you ought to?
Do you belong to cult groups, the occult of any variation, from Nimrod, to freemasonry, to iluminati, to ressocrusians, eckanka, to newage religions and to the miriads of Asian satanic religions?

Maybe you belong to traditional societies, or prayer houses, or in places where divination is practiced?

Or you may foolishly be in the “neutral group”, i.e you neither believe strongly in God nor in the existence of Satan, and you can defend your position eloquently.

Please hear me, all those who are honest hearted in these groups.
Satan is the spiritual father of all unregenerated human race, that is, of all those who have not repented of their sins and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Jn8:44, 1Jn3:10, 5:19.
Now that you know Satan, flee from him for he will lead you to eternal condemnation in hell fire. Rev21:8.

Happily the dominion of Satan over humanity and individuals have been broken by the man Jesus, the Son of the living God. 2Cor5:21, Col2:15.
Jesus paid the blood price on the cross, and redeemed man from Satan’s dominion, Heb9:12, Col1:12-13.

Jesus Christ is the Conqueror and the Lord, who has broken the lordship of Satan. Phlp2:8-9, Acts2:36.
Jesus’ Lordship is loving and burden is light.
There is power in Jesus name to set you free, please come out now accept Him, run into a Bible believing and holiness practicing Church today for total deliverance and freedom from Satan.
Satan is defeated being, arise, resist and overcome him in the name of Jesus. Mk16:17.

God bless you.

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