*THE PRAYER CORD* *_part 3_* Bro Samuel stood up with his eyes red like a burning flame His legs weren’t on the ground again because the realm he was praying from is no longer the natural realm. The room began to turn around The sounds of many voices like theContinue Reading

*THE PRAYER CORD* *_part 2_* What a sweet touch unto him, the touch came again and the hand remain on the spot. Oh, what a mighty night of experience. Oh sound of melody Oh thou solemn hymn Just few minutes later, the nepa brought light. What a strange moment withContinue Reading

*THE PRAYER CORD.* *_part 1_* Uncle chibuzor happened to be our prayer cord. When he prays, lighting spark, thunder strike. His prayer life is so much admiring, his way of praying is like that of the Elijah we read about. Everybody love to see Uncle chibuzor leading prayer, because wheneverContinue Reading

The Body of Christ – Zac Poonen Paul’s letter to the Ephesian Christians is centred around the great truth of believers being one Body in Christ. Christ is the Head of the church, and the church is His Body (Eph. 1:22,23). Each believer is a member of this Body. TheContinue Reading

-Tunde Korede Six Wrong Reasons For Attending Church We do things with different motives. It may be with good or ulterior motive. While some people go to church purposely to pray and hear God’s Word. Some people attend Church with unscriptural reasons. In this article, I will highlight various wrongContinue Reading