Study Thirteen (Ponder and Publish) THE RAPTURE OF TRUE BELIEVERS (part one) The teaching of the rapture which suppose to be the believers’ hope, comfort and constant reminder of their blessed home above, has appeared to be a rejected and ignoring truth in many churches. Avoided, untaught and unknown. ThisContinue Reading

Study Eleven (Ponder and Publish) You Can’t Afford to Miss This Revelation MY CHURCH OR CHRIST The Church has been a greater source of blessings to mankind. Science is very good, school has produced many scientists, but only the church has produced life-changers, men with the anointing of God callingContinue Reading

Study Nine (Share if bless) FAITH IN OBEDIENCE It is interesting to know that some who are professing to be people of faith are only exercising it towards financial blessings and good health. Though as important as health and wealth are, they are still just things pertaining to this materialContinue Reading

Study Eight (Share if bless) HIGHEST MARK OF SPIRITUALITY Jesus Christ who is Lord and King, the Messiah and God, who is also the Christian standard of perfection, revealed a quality that most Christians never press to have. Many go into marathon fasting for power and anointing, some for deliveranceContinue Reading

Study Six (Share if bless) A CHILD BUT NOT A SERVANT In our previous study, God granted to us revelation of who is a Christian Indeed. And that a Christian is not a religious individual going to church, but a Christlike servant (disciple) sold to Christ. In this study enlightenmentContinue Reading

Study Five (share if bless) A CHRISTIAN INDEED The word “Christian” was first used by a gentile nation, Antioch, in describing a sect of followers of Jesus Christ. They saw an identification that marked them out in the Non-christian world. “Christian ” as firstly used in Antioch in referring toContinue Reading