Matthew 9:15 And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber mourn, as long as the bridegroom is with them? but the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken from them, and then shall they (FAST).
1. (FASTING) is the strongest sign of humility before
God. If you can’t eat coz of God then you are humble.
2. (FASTING) is the fastest way to build up your anointing (power). The more you (FAST) the more the anointing.
3. (FASTING) desciplines the flesh and it’s carnal desires.
4. (FASTING) sharpens your inner man(your man). You become very sensitive in the spirit. You sense things before they happen. When your leader says let’s buy a bus for the church don’t become a problem because you have already picked it in spirit. When they say let’s build the church you happily contribute easily because
you have already picked it in your inner man.
5. (FASTING) enables the content of your inner man to be released upon your generation. You become a blessing not only to your family but your generation.
6. (FASTING) turns you into another man and kills pride.
7. (FASTING) renews your anointing(God’s power on you).
8. (FASTING) is a law of faith. It increases your faith (Matt 7:21). Those who rarely fast have a problem to believe for big things. Always argumentative.To them everything difficult.
9. (FASTING) raises your faith to a level higher than just ordinary prayers do. This means there are certain breakthroughs which can only happen when you (FAST). Mark 9:29 “..this kind
can only come out by prayer and (FASTING)”.
10. It quickens your spiritual ears and opens your spiritual eyes to SEE the UNSEEN. You become prophetic. Prophecy and (FASTING) are friends.
11. It’s a quick way to maintain good health. It makes you look sweet 16.
12. (FASTING) can destroy many diseases in your body.
13. Pharmacists say that (FASTING) increases blood flow. It helps your veins and arteries. It heals hypertension.
14. (FASTING) can help control menstrual flow in women.
15. (FASTING) provokes peace of mind and assurance of victory which translates into long life at the end.
16. (FASTING) heals obesity and diabetes.
17. (FASTING) breaks bad habits like smoking. You have a bad habit like anger smoking, drunkenness, sniffing etc. You can ask God in (FASTING) and all
this will disappear by the blood of Jesus Christ.
18. (FASTING) gives you uncommon laughter and paralyze your enemies. Psalm 68:1. They be busy talking about you.They cry in secret while you progress.
19. (FASTING) takes you to your next phase of life, business,career etc. Are you tired of where you are? Take the route of (FASTING).
20. (FASTING) brings unusual success in your life, family etc. It also makes things to happen so quick eg: job,
breakthrough, healing, overcoming nightmares etc.
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